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5 Recommended Places For Facial Treatment In Singapore

Sun exposure and oiliness are the primary reasons for skin aging and blemishes. In Singapore, the sunny and humid weather, combined with constant sun exposure, negatively affect your skin once you step out of the house or the office. Skincare is growing in popularity...
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5 Must-Try Medical Aesthetic Treatments in SIngapore

A big trend growing in Singapore is medical aesthetics. Aside from fitness and eating healthy, medical aesthetics is increasingly important because it doesn’t just help you look good but also feel good and build confidence. With the multitude of medical aesthetic...
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5 Major Questions To Ask Before You Get A V Shape Face Treatment

Thinking of getting a V shape face treatment? These are the five major questions you should ask before you get that desired feminine shape for your face:   Can I reshape my face without surgery? Some people are quite lucky in that they don’t have to undergo...
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Understanding Melasma And How It Affects Women From All Walks Of Life

The skin reflects much about the person, and the truth is, it’s one of the first things people notice about you. If you are suffering from a skin condition, it might take a toll on your self-confidence, self-esteem, and emotional health. One of the conditions that can...
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5 Revolutionary Anti-Aging Treatments You Need to try in Singapore

Sun exposure in the number one reason for the aging of your skin. In Singapore, the weather is sunny and humid, with sunlight affecting your skin once out of the house or office. Because of this, anti-aging treatments have become all the rage in Singapore. Women and...
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5 Easy Pilates Moves Using The Reformer for Beginners

With the rise in concern for health and fitness in Singapore, Pilates has become all the rage. A question might be popping on your mind if you’re not familiar with the exercise: “What exactly is Pilates?” The workout makes use of your own body weight, a Pilates...
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3 Important Reasons Your Office Needs The Best IT Support You Can Get

Let's be real: running a business in Singapore is not a walk in a park. The truth of the matter is that you will need all the help you can get. And since no business nowadays can run without the use of the internet,  it is imperative that you get the best IT support...
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4 Best Low Intensity Alternatives to High Intensity Workouts

Everyone’s raving about HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) in Singapore and how you’ll be able to save time while burning a high amount of fat. And it’s no surprise since the lives of most Singaporeans are all about work and HIIT is the perfect fit. But little do...
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4 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in Two Weeks

Having an ideal weight with as little body fat as possible is like a dream for some people. Although obesity is not a threat for most Singaporeans, we still want to get rid of unwanted fat in specific parts of our body and be able to lose weight even as we get older....
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Stress-Free Preps for Your Event: 6 Fantastic Ways to Look Fabulous at Big Events

  Singapore is a world center of commerce, so it's only natural that the country hosts many exciting events. Whether you are planning to attend a large international meeting or have a huge personal one, such as a wedding or birthday celebration coming in...
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5 Amazing and Awesome Reasons to Stay in Pasir Ris

Singapore is full of exciting and homely neighborhoods where you can settle down. One of them is Pasir Ris, which is on the east coast of Singapore. Pasir Ris is well known as a weekend getaway for families or groups who want to have a barbecue party near the beach....

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