10 Important Items that Every Woman in Singapore Should Carry in Her Bag

items in your bag

If you live or work in the beautiful city of Singapore, you have to be extra careful with the way you take care of your skin and body. Always keep in mind that Singapore is a tropical country so the days are often very warm and the air thick with humidity. These can cause all sorts of problems to your skin which is why you need to pay more attention to its care. To make sure that your skin is well-taken care of, see to it that you have the following items in your bag or purse before you go out:


  1. Hydrating lip balm – In a very warm city like Singapore, the skin in and around your lips is among the first to get dry. That said, you need to keep it moist and hydrated by regularly applying lip balm during the day. You need to apply lip balm whether you are inside an office or outside under the sun.

Hydrating lip balm

  1. Oil blotting sheets – If oil is allowed to linger on your skin for too long, it can lead to acne and other skin conditions. You can get rid of the nasty oil by applying blotting sheets. The sheets will absorb oil and debris from your skin.


  1. Sunscreen lotion – Exposure to the sun can burn and damage your skin. Putting on sunscreen will help in lessening the damage done.

Sunscreen lotion

  1. Sleek compact mirror – A small mirror allows you to see if there are problems developing on your facial skin. So carry one wherever you go.


  1. Hand cream – Using a hand cream is especially important if you are often exposed to the elements like heat and wind. To find the best hand cream in Singapore, you should try different brands to see which has the best effects on your hand.

Hand cream

  1. Sunglasses – Wearing sunglasses not only protects your eyes from the sun, it also protects the sensitive skin around your eyes from drying out.


  1. Face wash – In Singapore, you need to wash your face at least two or three times a day. To ensure that you get rid of oil and dirt effectively, you must use face wash.

Face wash

  1. Hand sanitizer – Just like other parts of your body, the skin around your hands also needs to be sanitized to prevent the development of illnesses and infections. In fact, you should sanitize your hands before you touch sensitive parts of your skin, like your face, to avoid transferring dirt and other particles.


  1. Hair items like pins and ties – Oil from your free-flowing hair can be transferred to your facial skin. You should consider wearing hair pins and ties, especially during hot and humid days.

Hair items like pins and ties

  1. Band aids – A small cut in your skin can get worse if it’s exposed to the elements. Therefore, it’s necessary that you put on band aids to prevent these complications.


All of these items come in small sizes and packages, which means you can easily stick them in your bag. They are also readily available in wellness and beauty stores. You need these beauty products if you really want to take good care of your skin. When regularly subjected to heat, humidity, and air pollution, the skin can easily dry or accumulate dirt in its pores. This can lead to conditions like acne, pimples, eczema, psoriasis, and other complications. You’ll be less worried about these problems if you have the necessary beauty care products in your bag.

A Sneak Peek to Life in Singapore: 5 Great Reasons To Live There.

From its unique traditions and culture to sophisticated eyegasm tourist spots, Singapore has been undeniably one of the most sought-after countries in the world. But aside from what makes Singapore great, the living conditions are also commendable. If you are looking for a place that showcases cleanliness, health, and safety, then Singapore is inviting you for a tour! If you are trying to set foot on this amazing land, here are a few things you need to know about living in Singapore.

  1. Food is EverywhereThere are a lots of food stall for you to choose in SG but don't forget to go fitness center after you eat

What could be more glorious than seeing something you love everywhere? In Singapore, your eyes will never get tired of looking to those yummy bites in the streets. There are a lot of food stalls that offer foods that are not just handy but also healthy! They serve soups, vegetables, salads, and flavorful sauces. By just walking along the sidewalk, you will already be stuffed!

  1. They Value Health.SG people are values about their health and there are many fitness center around that can easily to find

Aside from the foods that they serve, Singapore gives priority to health. Smoking in public is strictly not allowed in Singapore. Therefore, planning to smoke in the suburbans of Singapore would be a pretty bad idea since you will surely be penalized for it. Moreover, Singaporeans are known to be health-conscious. They love to do things that will result to a good health. If you want to work out, it is pretty easy to find a fitness centre in Singapore because they are technically everywhere. A healthy physique is the main trend of the country.

  1. Safety is Not An Issue

You will never be worried for your safety and security when you are in Singapore. You can even leave your valuable anywhere in public without losing even a single dime!

  1. Clean and ClearSG is a clean and green country and their people are healthy and fitness

You will commend the Singaporeans for how meticulously clean they are! In terms of the implementation of the environment-related policies, the people are well disciplined to follow it. A single piece of bubblegum or candy wrapper has no place on the sidewalks! They are all thrown away in their proper places. The government is strict in making Singapore clean and green.

  1. Cultural Diversity Defines It.

Despite how urbanized Singapore is, it never forgets its tradition. Truly, Singapore will not be Singapore without its rich culture. The people there never run out of festivities or occasions to celebrate with each other.

Moreover, even though the entire land size of Singapore is not as gigantic as China’s, the people living in Singapore come from various origins. There are Chinese, Indians, Malays, etc. Though different, each is given the chance to be heard in the country.

So if you are looking for a place that will guarantee your safety, give you a fresh air to breathe, and an environment that values health, then Singapore is the home you are looking for!

Eye Care Ideas : How to Effectively Care for Your Eyes

Care for Your Eyes

Our sense of sight is one of the most important aspects of our survival. Being one of the most used senses of our body, our eyes are among the organs that can be most stressed due to our daily routines like studying in school or working in our office. In Singapore and other developed societies, eye problems are on the rise because of the modern lifestyle and work routines. Because of this, it is very important that we not only care for it but protect it from the complications that might arise in the future. Here are 4 easy ways on how we can prevent future complications and care for our eyes:

  1. Eat Right As always with any medical care and condition, it is always of significance to eat right. Eye conditions related to age like cataracts and macular degeneration can be prevented by eating a balanced diet that should be mostly composed of green leafy vegetables for zeaxanthin and lutein, sardines, tuna and salmon for Omega 3 acids, and some non-meat protein sources like rice, nuts, and soy.

Freshly harvested collection of organic fruits as background. Close up of many colorful fruits on market stand. Big assortment of organic fruits on market


  1. Wear Sunglasses When Necessary Sunglasses protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays that the sun gives out. Choose a suitable pair for your eyes as different types offer different kinds of protections. For example, studies show that UV light goes around the lenses so it would be of help to wear the wraparound styled ones. Some sunglasses are impact-resistant, photochromic, and polarized. Choose one that you are comfortable with and make sure it is properly made.

Wear Sunglasses


  1. Use Eyewear in the Workplace If you are working in an environment that requires strenuous physical activity like construction, field work, or even basketball and any other sport, it is always advised that you use proper eyewear to protect your sight. Same goes for those who are working in an office or at home. Doctor-prescribed eyewear is of utmost importance so that you won’t strain or fully injure your eyes because of the nature of your work.

Use Eyewear in the Workplace


  1. Consult Your Eye Doctor Most importantly, we should pay our doctor a regular visit so we will know more about the condition of our eyes. They are the experts in the field so their professional advice and guidance would always be crucial on how we use and care for our eyes.

Consult Your Eye Doctor Most importantly


These are the simplest and most effective ways to guarantee the safety of our eyes. If you are still without a doctor, you can always contact an eye center in Singapore to make sure you are in fully capable hands. Remember, caring for your eyes is the only way to ensure you see a brighter tomorrow.