5 Tips to Make Your Initial Pilates Classes Fun and Healthy

Do you want to build your muscles leaner and at the same time improve core strength, flexibility, and poise? All of these bodily attributes can be acquired by doing one special kind of exercise – Pilates. Unlike other exercises such as weightlifting, Pilates is simple and comfortable to do. In Singapore, there are a lot of Pilates classes where you could enroll. So if you are planning to engage yourself for the first time in a Pilates class, here are helpful tips for beginners like you:

  1. Dress Comfortably – Just like any type of exercise, you are required to wear clothes that could make you comfortable and move and breathe freely. Clothes should allow you to stretch maximally and move your extremities and torso on a full range of motion. Wear not too tight or loose. Leggings or shorts and a sleeveless top are the perfect match.Dress comfortable and move and breathe freely for Pilates class in SG
  2. Bare Your Feet – Take off those sports footwear because in Pilates, you are required to move with bare feet. This will help in keeping you from slipping and provide you a better stance all throughout the practice.
  3. Eat Light – Avoid eating heavily an hour before the workout. You may have instead small snacks in your bag such as nuts or fruits. Eating heavy meals might cause you to feel nauseous.Avoid eating heavily an hour before the pilates classes in SG
  4. Practice Easy & Often – Short but frequent classes are better than long but seldom ones. Try to start with fifteen minutes of workout every day. With perseverance and consistency, you will surely see the results you have been looking for in no time.
  5. Advance Gradually – When you look for Pilates classes in Singapore, you will observe that the exercises advance gradually from beginner to pro. However, some beginners think that easy exercises might get a long time to develop the body built that they want, thus they exhaust themselves by doing difficult exercises. Don’t be like that. Start small. Practice only exercises that you can do with ease. It takes several weeks before you could finally make every exercise perfect. Be patient. Practice one exercise at a time. Until you can do intermediate exercises in 30 minutes without a break, that’s the time to level up.Pilates class stretching

Pilates is one of the simplest and easiest exercises which could make you a fitness buff! Aside from strength and flexibility, it also helps you to conquer your physical limitations. Start to look for Pilates classes in Singapore today. No pressure and have fun!

What I Eat To Lose 5 Kilos In Two Weeks

The key to losing weight is to eat and not starve at all. You might wonder how you can lose those excess kilos in two weeks when you still have to eat. It may sound counter-productive but that’s possible, and that’s the way it is.

There’s no need for you to skip your meals to be in shape. All you ever need is a balanced diet plan and some tons of self-discipline to follow it. In fact, starving yourself will only make you binge later and slow down your metabolism. It means you’ll gain more weight by being hungry.

Here is a list of food which assures you the fastest way to lose weight and will surely provide you with best results in no time.

  1. Protein – Dubbed as the King of Nutrients, protein is a surefire food for you to boost your metabolism. Increasing your protein intake will cut your cravings and lose your appetite for late night snacks. Recent studies show that replacing bread with egg for breakfast will result in a faster weight loss over eight weeks.
  2. Fruits – Fruits are high in water, nutrients, and fibers with very low energy density. Fruits do contain sugar so consume moderately.Fruits are high in water, nutrients, and fibers with very low energy density and assures you to lose body weight fast
  1. Vegetables – Like fruits, vegetables are also an excellent source of fiber and nutrients. Green leafy vegetables can increase your meal volume without putting your calorie count at stake.
  2. Potato – Eating boiled potatoes will make you feel full, making no room for comfort food. Plus, they contain a high level of potassium which is good for boosting your energy.Eating boiled potatoes will make you feel full, making no room for comfort food is a fastest way to lose your body weight
  3. Chili Pepper – Surprisingly, chili peppers contain a substance that helps reduce your appetite and increase fat burning.
  4. Nuts – Being low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, nuts are one of the best snacks for weight loss. They contain healthy fats and proteins that aid in boosting your metabolism.Nuts are one of the best snacks for weight loss

In losing weight, what you need to eat is as important as what you need not to eat. It means that avoiding processed food and too much sugar intake is also as beneficial as taking enough protein. Feed yourself with healthy food and the next time you’ll look at yourself in the mirror; you will be amazed at what you discover – a beautiful, fit, and fabulous you.

Does Wearing A Girdle Help Slim Your Tummy?

For centuries, women have been using girdles mostly for aesthetic reasons. Now, some believe that wearing the garment can help in getting rid of body fat especially those located within the stomach area. So the big question is this: does wearing a girdle help slim your tummy? Is there scientific proof of the claim and its efficacy? Let’s find out.

What Does A Girdle Do To Your Body?When you use girdle around your tummy, the fat tissues get distributed around a wider area thus making you look slimmer

When you wrap a tight corset around your waist and tummy, the fat tissues concentrated there get distributed around a wider area thus making you look slimmer than usual. The girdle doesn’t in any way affect the composition of your body or the fats that it distributes around. With that said, the effects of a girdle are purely aesthetic in nature. You may look good wearing it, but once you remove it, the fats will return to where they were originally situated.

Possible Physical Effects Of Wearing  A GirdleWearing girdle helps in suppressing food intake and you will be eating less thus you will be losing some weight

Some professional nutritionists say that a girdle can have a significant impact on a person’s weight but not in the way you expect. According to Franci Cohen and Cora Harrington, two renowned nutritionists, the girdle helps in suppressing food intake. The logic is that in the long run, you will be eating less thus you will be losing some weight. This effect happens if you wear the girdle while eating. When your stomach expands because of the food, it will strain against the girdle. The feeling of contraption will serve as your signal that you are probably eating too much. So you stop and avoid taking more calories than necessary.

In conclusion, wearing a girdle may help you lose some weight and slim down but not in the way you’d expect. It’s more of a psychological thing because the girdle forces you to control your eating habits. The girdle itself doesn’t affect how your body gets rid of fat. But it helps you in making sure that no more unnecessary fat builds up in your body. So the final question is this: should you wear a girdle for slimming purposes? Definitely yes. It may not have direct effects, but it helps you in controlling the further accumulation of fat in your body.

4 Practical Tips In Acquiring Real Estate Properties In Singapore

Image result for get the Singapore propertyIf you have plans of purchasing real estate properties in Singapore, you have to understand that the market is very competitive. The demand for land and space in the country is at an all-time high. With that said, you have to be smart as well as take your time to make sure that you get the Singapore property you want at the right price and conditions. Below are some tips you should follow when scouting for properties in the country:

  1. Read about the ownership laws in the country.

Image result for lawsThis is especially important if you are an expatriate. If you are a foreigner living in Singapore, you don’t have the same buying and selling rights compared to a long-time resident. It might be necessary for you to consult with a property lawyer to ensure that you are doing things right and within the bounds of Singapore laws.

  1. Get an estate agent.

Image result for Get an estate agentWhether you want to buy an apartment, a condo unit, a vacant land, or an office space, a property agent can help you find the property that’s appropriate for you. These agents can also serve as your consultants for questions you may have about property acquisition rules and policies.

  1. Make sure that the property is valued with an accurate estimate.

Image result for Make sure that the property is valued with an accurate estimate.Just because a house has a price tag of one million dollars doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth that much. Sometimes, sellers bloat their prices because it’s hard for the government to regulate these things. That said, you should get the assistance of a property appraiser to determine an accurate valuation of the asset you want to purchase.

  1. Don’t forget to negotiate.

Related imageThe majority of sellers are willing to cut down their prices as long as you are serious about buying the property. So try to negotiate a lower price for as long as you can.

Whether you are purchasing a piece of property for personal use or business reasons, you should always treat it as an investment. You don’t know how long you are going to use the property, so it’s wise to think in advance. Would you be able to sell the property at a higher price in case you decide not to use it? Is there a likelihood that the property will increase or decrease in value in the coming years? These are just some of the questions you need to ask when looking for properties to buy in Singapore.

A Budget Problem For Your Dream Wedding? Here’s How To Pull Off A Low-Cost Nuptial!


Weddings are by far one of the most expensive events in a person’s life, and saving up way ahead of the big day is indeed a good thing to do. But for those who might be running a little low on budget, fret not because there are hundreds of ways on how you can plan for that special day without actually hurting your pocket.

Here are three tips on how to pull off a budget-friendly wedding in Singapore:1

  1. Go for Wedding DIYs.

DIYs or “Do It Yourself” has become a popular thing not only for party planners but also for soon-to-be married couples. Starting from the invitations, to the table decors, and other wedding details that you need, there is a DIY tutorial readily available for you online. All you need is a little patience (and your creative imagination of course), and you’re sure to create the most engaging and personalized wedding details you could ever think of.2

  1. Go for wedding rentals.

While having a specially-made wedding dress and groom suit is ideal, renting a gown and your beau’s attire is the most practical thing to do if you’re tight on the budget. Nowadays, it is easier to do this as there are more and more wedding shops. If you’re not that fussy on stuff like the gown to wear, then you can try to find a wedding dress rental in Singapore.

Hand writing Priorities list with marker isolated on white.

  1. Prioritize what’s important.

Among the many things that need to be prepared for a wedding like the church ceremony, the reception, the wedding gown, the entourage, even the photo and video coverage, prioritizing based on what you think you need is the way to save up your money for your wedding day. Proper organizing, budgeting, and probably a little help from a seasoned wedding planner can help you pick out what needs to splurge on and what to put aside. Don’t forget, however, that your guests like family and friends must enjoy as well. So avoid being stingy when it comes to the food for them.

A wedding day surely is an event which everyone fantasizes about, but it doesn’t mean that you have to overindulge and spend a lot of money to come up with a memorable and meaningful wedding celebration. With a little imagination and lots of creative skills, you can certainly pull off that impressive yet economical wedding party!

LOVE IS IN THE HAIR – The Top 5 Hair Treatment Options

One country where personal appearance and good grooming is top-of-mind is Singapore. The market for beauty care products has reached unprecedented proportions, particularly in the younger consumer segment. Interestingly too, hair care is a primary concern. According to a recent study by IndustryARC, a research and consulting firm, the hair care product market is projected to balloon to S$49.3 Million by 2020.

The repeated hair dyeing, perming, and rebonding of this trendy cluster may result in hair damage, in addition to the exposure to the sweltering weather. That is the reason why spending for hair scalp treatment in Singapore and other hair treatments remain high. If you are troubled by hair loss or balding, thinning or graying, and other hair-raising concerns, perhaps it would be sensible to join the bandwagon before your hair problem aggravates.


  1. SCALP TREATMENT / For Hair Loss, Damaged Hair, and Dandruffclose up of woman on resort getting head spa treatment

Scalp treatment is the ideal solution to correct these situations. Aside from its soothing and relaxing feeling, this treatment work wonders. Massaging the scalp stimulates blood flow for the nutrients to penetrate deep into your scalp. The treatment results in deeply nourished hair.


Sun exposure, harsh chemicals, and improper hair care combine to weaken your hair. The elements snuff the freshness out of your hair. Since your hair is constructed of protein, a protein conditioning treatment is suitable to remedy the situation. It is intended to bring back moisture and toughen your hair follicles.

  1. KERATIN TREATMENT / For Weak and Brittle HairGo for Keratin treatment and hair scalp treatment to treat your hair problem

Hair experts perform Keratin treatment for easy-to-break hair. It locks in protein for the hair strands to absorb while simultaneously repairing your damaged hair. Not only does this treatment result in healthy-looking hair, but it can also last for three months. Your hair becomes resistant to impairment.

  1. HAIR LOSS TREATMENT / Specific For Hair Loss

A Hair loss treatment is dedicated to contain and prevent hair loss. In essence, this procedure targets the impurities that spoil hair growth. It cleanses your hair and scalp thoroughly. When the impurities are gone, the regeneration of your hair follicles occurs. The focused treatment will stimulate hair growth.

  1. HOT OIL MASSAGE TREATMENT / For All Types of HairHot oil massage treatment suitable for all types of hair problem

You can pamper yourself with this DIY treatment and save on visits to your regular beauty salon. This process is intended to vastly improve blood circulation to your scalp. For lubrication, you also have the flexibility to use your favorite essentials oils. Since the treatment applies to any type of hair, your chosen oil can be mixed with herbs for various purposes: moisturizing, clarifying, strengthening, stimulating hair growth and even boosting hair color.

The younger but affluent populace in Singapore is a fashionable bunch. Changing hairstyles and experimenting with new looks is nothing out of the ordinary in recent times. Investing in hair care products as well as hair treatments is a necessity for the beauty conscious. Well-known companies are quick to capitalize on the dynamic trend happening this side of the world. Also, the proliferation of natural and organic beauty care products tend to show how discerning the users have become. For as long as the products are unique and do wonder to enhance the image, then you got it made.

4 Common Eye Diseases and Effective Ways To Treat Them

Common Eye Diseases and Effective Ways To Treat Them

Most people may have eye problems at one time or another. While most of these problems are deemed minor and will go away on their own, some may cause serious complications like vision loss. These eye problems often need the attention of an eye specialist.

Common eye diseases include those that may or may not be serious. However, both need certain treatments to prevent serious complications. To help you take immediate action, here are the 4 common eye diseases and ways on how to treat them effectively:


  1. Age-Related Macular Degeneration Age-related Macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of eyesight loss or blindness worldwide. It’s a condition that affects the center of the retina, dubbed as the macula. As a person grows older, the macula degenerates and symptoms may appear like blurry central vision, blurred vision and distortion of straight lines. Common treatments for this eye problem include the use of low-vision optical devices like magnifiers, medications, laser surgery and vitamins.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration


  1. Presbyopia Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process caused by the hardening of the lens of the eyes. As a result, the eye will focus light behind instead on the retina while looking at near objects. Common treatments for this eye disease include laser surgery, use of soft contact lenses or use of assistive eye glasses.


  1. Cataract Just like presbyopia, cataracts develop as a person ages. They are considered a normal part of aging and can be treated. For most patients undergoing treatment, they regain most of their vision. Surgery is often used to correct this eye condition. If you have a cataract, contact an eye centre in Singapore to have it checked by a specialist.



  1. Glaucoma Glaucoma is a serious eye condition and is dubbed as the leading cause of blindness. People are at a higher risk of developing this eye disease if they have a family history of glaucoma and if they are 50 years old or above. Common treatments for this condition include the use of eye drops, medicines, laser or traditional surgery. The goal of the management of glaucoma is the prevention of vision loss because once it causes blindness, it’s irreversible.



Eye health is important. It’s usually recommended to have the eyes checked annually or at least every two years. This way, the emergence and development of eye diseases could be prevented and treated immediately. Contact an eye centre in Singapore to have your eyes checked today.