Everyone’s raving about HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) in Singapore and how you’ll be able to save time while burning a high amount of fat. And it’s no surprise since the lives of most Singaporeans are all about work and HIIT is the perfect fit. But little do people know that HIIT increases your risk of having long-term injuries due to the stress your body goes through.


Luckily there are lower intensity workouts that can help us burn a relatively good amount of fat. Check out these 4 activities that help strengthen your body and keep you lean at the same time.

  1. Pilates

If you’re looking to burn a relatively high amount of fat but not one to go extreme on the workouts, learn Pilates in Singapore. Just like yoga, Pilates is an excellent way to increase flexibility, which in turn, will help prevent injuries. Although it wouldn’t help you burn as many calories as HIIT, 330 Calories for one hour of Pilates is still a great workout.


  1. Swimming

Swimming is even used as a therapy for injury recovery because of its ability to make the body 80% lighter hence cutting out any impact it has on the injury. This will allow the body to recover without removing the usual range of motions. By continuing to move, there will be less inflammation and an increase in blood circulation.


  1. TRX Workouts

This is an absolute shortcut to six packs. No, it’s not one of those YouTube scams that guarantee six packs in a matter of days, it’s rubber bands called TRX. Not exactly rubber bands, it’s a simple concept of balancing your core muscles by using these bands. It involves pulling and pushing movements, and there are about 46 variations of how to use these bands.


  1. Tai-Chi

No, there’s nothing embarrassing about mixing around with old folks at the park in the early mornings to do Tai-chi. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how much calories Tai-Chi can help you burn. At 200 calories for a half-hour session, Tai-chi can also be categorized as a moderate-intensity exercise, and the best thing is that it can be done anywhere!


If you’re looking for a good low-intensity workout and you don’t want to go through a boot-camp-like workout every single day, do consider either of these four that poses less strain on the body and a bucket load of benefits when done regularly. Remember that consistency is key and even if it is a low-intensity workout, doing it every day can help you get fit.