Having an ideal weight with as little body fat as possible is like a dream for some people. Although obesity is not a threat for most Singaporeans, we still want to get rid of unwanted fat in specific parts of our body and be able to lose weight even as we get older.

These tricks might work effectively for you – note that the same method could create different results for different people:

  1. Stop sugar

Sugar is a carbohydrate and, for most of us, the first taste we have ever tasted from birth. When we consume it, the taste releases endorphins and gives us a comfortable feeling. By avoiding sugar altogether, we are eliminating sugar cravings and increasing our capacity for other food, i.e. veggies and fruits.


  1. Eat high-protein meals

This method is suitable for you if you are very prone to weight gain or trying to gain a quicker result while exercising. When your body is working extra hard, you need more protein to prevent hunger and minimize muscle loss. Combine different types of protein so that you will not get bored, i.e. fish, beef, or nuts.


  1. Eat with small plates

Sometimes we need to do this to “cheat” ourselves from eating too much. The key is to stop eating before you feel full. By eating with a small plate, you feel full faster because your body is visually “tricked”. When you are doing a fat-burning regime, you are recommended to eat more frequently but in tiny portions, e.g. five times a day.


  1. Eat food slowly

There is a delay between our brain and our mouth – that’s why we usually do not realize that we have eaten a lot until we feel bloated. By eating slowly, you are giving a chance for your brain to catch up and maximizing your digesting system.


Now that you know how to lose weight effectively, time to get up and actually do the hard work! The best way is to try these methods for two weeks and see the result on your body before deciding to do it as part of your lifestyle for good.