There are super foods that are being promoted as being effective in weight loss. Acai Berry, Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones are just a few. Besides helping people lose weight, they are also being promoted for improving one’s overall good health. If you believe that certain ingredients or compounds can make you healthier and contribute to weight loss, then you may be interested to know more about digestive enzymes. Yes, digestive enzymes help with weight loss and they have been inside the human body as well as the food people consume. Read on to learn more about digestive enzymes.

  1. Your body runs on enzymes.your-body-runs-on-enzymes

First of all, enzymes are proteins that are present in the human body as well as different kinds of food. They are responsible for initiating chemical processes in different systems in the body. Like cells, they are abundant during the early years of life, but also age and decrease in number as people age. When the production of enzymes is low, the effects of aging begin to appear more rapidly and so do generative diseases. Digestive enzymes play a very important role in breaking down food and helping the body absorb essential vitamins and nutrients.

  1. Enzymes can help people lose weight.enzymes-helps-to-digest-and-loss-weight

Amylase is one of the enzymes in the human body and is a digestive enzyme that breaks down starch. Lipase, on the other hand, breaks down fats, while maltase is responsible for digesting grain starches. There’s also protease which digests proteins and cellulase which can break down different plant fibers. For digesting sugar, there’s sucrase. All these digestive enzymes help break down food more efficiently and make the body absorb the nutrients they contain. People who have fewer digestive enzymes can take supplements to increase the number of these enzymes in their system.

  1. Cooking destroys enzymes.raw-fruits-and-veggies-contain-many-different-enzymes

Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in digestive enzymes. This means that people who only eat fast food or processed foods are practically enzyme-deficient. Heat or cooking destroys these natural enzymes, as well as depletes the ones inside the body’s digestive track. When there are very little left, people experience bloating, diarrhea, gas pain and constipation. People with this problem can eat more raw fruits and vegetables, or take supplements for faster effect.

  1. Additional digestive enzymes helps with weight lossdigestive-enzymes-supplement-for-weight-loss

According medical experts, a person carries around five pounds of feces inside the digestive tract. The build-up of feces in the colon already results in weight gain, so if the bowels are eliminated regularly, a person will lose weight. Taking enzyme supplements and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables are not just good for regulating your bowel movement, it also promotes overall good health as well.

Stocking up on the good stuff means there’s little to no room for greasy and processed foods. Enzymes will only help you lose excess weight as long as you’re willing to do your share. Eat more good carbohydrates than bad ones and consume leaner cuts of meat. If you can switch to more fish and tofu in your diet, all the better.