Physical image always plays a huge role in building or establishing one’s self-esteem and confidence. People decide to go through different physical treatments to augment, re-shape or trim down specific areas in their bodies. They say it helps them become more confident and changes people’s perception of them. For example, a woman can try out a body contour treatment in Singapore in order to have a smaller waist or trim hips and thighs.   Body contouring is one of the latest technology that addresses unwanted fat and shapes the body for a more flattering appearance. These treatments are considered to be less invasive than traditional procedures like liposuction. Shaping techniques require less effort and offer minimal to no risk. Here are some treatments you can try:

  1. Inch loss body wraps

Image result for Inch loss body wrapsThese are body wraps that are used with a massage system. This method helps people lose inches off their waist, thighs, hips or other problem areas. It promotes healthy blood circulation and improves skin elasticity through the release of toxins and fluid congestion.

  1. Cellulite Buster

Image result for Cellulite BusterOne type of contouring method that burns calories and releases toxins is called the cellulite buster. It is done under a steam canopy and the heat helps melt away fat. You sweat out toxins and other unwanted substances in your body. To protect the patient and allow him or her to breathe, the head is uncovered during the procedure.

  1. Infrared Detox

Image result for Infrared DetoxDetox is one of the most common ways of releasing and excreting unwanted fats and toxins from the body. This detox treatment stimulates cellulite reduction and can even help in improving your collagen supply and skin elasticity. The infrared detox makes use of infrared laser that heats up to burn and melt fat underneath your skin. You can have the treatment done on your whole body, or you can choose to have it done on problem areas. Among the common sites are the belly, arms, thighs, and butt.

  1. Thalasso Therapy

Image result for Thalasso TherapyThis is a spot reduction procedure that is most effective in the tummy and thighs. This contour treatment targets the fat deposits in the areas and melts them away. Additionally, the treatment shapes the parts or areas exposed to the therapy.

  1. Bio Fango Firming Treatment

Image result for Bio Fango Firming TreatmentThe Bio Fango treatment uses mud to stimulate, restructure and firm up tissues. Bio Fango mud is a natural detoxifier, composed of plankton, spirulina algae, cocoa and thermal water. This method does not only help in body contouring, but it also tones localized flabbiness, addresses cellulite problems, post-natal weight gain, and more.  These are just some of the many body contouring treatments available in Singapore.

There are more options to choose from at local aesthetic centers or clinics. Body contour treatments should be administered by licensed professionals and be done using the proper equipment and tools. Remember though that results start becoming visible after a few sessions. Some treatment cycles last for several weeks or months.