With the rise in concern for health and fitness in Singapore, Pilates has become all the rage. A question might be popping on your mind if you’re not familiar with the exercise: “What exactly is Pilates?” The workout makes use of your own body weight, a Pilates machine (the reformer), or bands and springs to define and tone your body. The next question that comes up is “how do I use the reformer?” While it may look complicated, the reformer can be simple to use even for beginners. Here are five easy moves to get started with Pilates.


  1. Pilates Hundred

The Pilates Hundred is the basic exercise to get flat abs. Using the reformer, lie down on your back with your legs in the table top position and with your hands, pull the straps to your abdomen. Curl your head and shoulders then pulse your arms up and down, breathing in and out five times. Do this for 100 times.


  1. Pulling Straps

For a strong and powerful upper back, try performing the move pulling straps. Using the reformer accessory long box, lie on your stomach with your chest just a bit off the long box. Use the straps and light your head and shoulders as you pull the straps towards your hips.


  1. Kneeling Knee Stretches

For a formidable lower back, use the reformer to do kneeling knee stitches for a full lower body workout. On the reformer, kneel and keep your arms straight as you round your back. Use your thighs and glutes to pull and push your body back and forth.


  1. Leg Circles

To work and stretch out your legs, try the classic leg circles. On the reformer, lie down on your back with your legs stretched up at a 90-degree angle with the straps holding onto the soles of your feet. Rotate your legs externally and then back together while taking deep breaths.


  1. The Frog

Try the Frog exercise for a strong core. On the reformer, lie on your back, with your arms on your side and legs up at a 45-degree angle with the straps holding onto the soles of the foot. As you breathe in, pull your knees to your body creating a V-shape with your feet together and engage your abs.


These five easy Pilates exercises on the reformer or Pilates machine is a great stepping stone to get acquainted with the workout. Soon enough with a bit of practice, you’ll sign up for beginner pilates classes in Singapore.