Any beauty expert would recommend the essential skincare products that you must use on a daily basis for younger-looking skin, such as cleanser, toner, or anti-aging serum. The media have always touted these products as ‘beauty must-haves.’ However, aside from the usual skincare products often mentioned and recommended, there are also other highly effective skincare products that you never realized you need. On the list below you can find five of them.


  1. Wet Skin Moisturizer

Unlike your typical facial or body moisturizer, a wet skin moisturizer must be applied on wet skin to retain the lotion and for long-lasting hydration. Some of the added benefits of using a wet skin moisturizer include triple hydration, fragrance-free, greaseless feel, instant absorption, and helps repair and restore moisture balance. This type of moisturizer is especially perfect if you have dry to extremely dry skin.

Wet Skin Moisturizer


  1. SPF Hand Cream

The skin around your hand is often neglected compared to the other areas. Start taking good care of your hands as well by using SPF hand cream, preferably SPF40 and above. Besides hydrating your hands and keeping them from appearing shriveled and dried up, an SPF hand cream also works wonders in delaying aging signs like dark spots, lines, and wrinkles. Choose a cream formulated from plenty of nourishing natural ingredients.

SPF Hand Cream


  1. BB Cream

One of the latest must-haves, a 5-in-1 BB cream is truly a coveted beauty item and should be included in your kit. Formulated from nourishing and antioxidant ingredients, BB creams can either be used as a makeup foundation, protection against the sun, a moisturizer for the skin, covering up blemishes or for improving the skin tone. Safe and suitable for all skin types, BB creams often come in the shades of light, medium, and dark.

BB Cream


  1. Sleeping Cream

Some of you may be confused between a night cream and a sleeping cream. While they are to be used during nighttime, they may differ in a few ways. A basic night cream would only provide hydration. Meanwhile, a sleeping cream typically provides long-lasting hydration throughout the night, as well as rejuvenates and repairs your skin, leaving you with more energized-looking skin in the morning. Choose the one containing essential oils for the best results.

Sleeping Cream


  1. Probiotic Exfoliating Products

Exfoliating products made using probiotic technology are generally safer and offer more benefits compared to non-probiotic exfoliators. They’re typically plant-based and contain hydrating nutrients like vitamin E or Jojoba to calm and heal skin. Products that contain Bentonite clay or lactic acid peel away debris, dead skin, and impurities gently without causing any irritation or redness. If you want your skin to appear firmer and have an even texture and tone, buy exfoliating products online that are formulated from probiotic technology, as they’re suitable for all ages and skin types.

Probiotic Exfoliating Products


Start incorporating these products into your daily skincare routine. If you can’t get them all at once, consider the most important product that you need to use urgently. When choosing which product you should get, consider factors such as your skin type, potential allergic reaction, personal preference (i.e. price or types of packaging), product safety, product ingredient, or return policy and guarantee. If possible, consult with a dermatologist before using any skincare product, especially if you have sensitive skin. Address your concerns and ask for product recommendation if needed.