Thinking of getting a V shape face treatment? These are the five major questions you should ask before you get that desired feminine shape for your face:


  1. Can I reshape my face without surgery?

Some people are quite lucky in that they don’t have to undergo surgical procedures to get their desired face shape. Consider a few ways where you can achieve a V shape face in non-invasive ways. If it’s not possible, make sure you’re well prepared for the surgery, be it financially, mentally, or physically.


  1. Does having a round face still make it achievable?

You may have heard skeptics and naysayers who claim that those with round faces can never achieve a V shape face. In this case, your doctor or surgeon may focus on working the shape of your chin and jaw, with liposuction or chin implants included.


  1. Can I achieve the V shape by losing fat?

In some cases, you may not have to get treatment at all; the only thing you should do is to lose a few baby fat on your face, which is one of the fastest ways to make your jawline much more visible. If you have indeed lost the fat and still don’t have that desired shape, you can then discuss your options.


  1. What kind of V shape face treatment is available?

There are several kinds of ways to achieve a V shape face, and treatment may involve a combination of techniques. This all depends on your doctor or surgeon, who will decide based on your individual needs and situation. Do your research and find out as much as you can so you could bring up your concern.


  1. What are the side effects?

Be it non-surgical or surgical treatment; you’re bound to face a few side effects that can range from mildly painful to extreme discomfort. Discuss any possible side effect post-treatment.


Before you go to a local beauty center to get a V shape treatment, you might want to do some research and come prepared with a few questions (including the five mentioned) to ask your doctor or surgeon during the consultation.