Image result for 5 Must-Try Medical Aesthetic TreatmentsA big trend growing in Singapore is medical aesthetics. Aside from fitness and eating healthy, medical aesthetics is increasingly important because it doesn’t just help you look good but also feel good and build confidence. With the multitude of medical aesthetic options as well as the growing number of clinics popping up all over Singapore, it can be hard to decide where to receive treatment.

When deciding on a treatment, it’s best to first do a self-check and see what kind of treatment you need and should go for. Once you know the type of care you need, then you should decide on which clinic to head to. It can still be a difficult to select where to start. Check out this list of 5 must-try treatments for any type of skin goal.

  1. Vita C Facetherapy at Prive Aesthetics

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Prive Aesthetics clinics is one of the most reputable and medically-sound clinics in Singapore. Known as a one-stop clinic, for the face, body and skin, Prive Aesthetics utilizes the highest-grade medical equipment and best-trained doctors for ideal results.

Winner of the Her World Spa Awards in 2016, the Vita C Facetherapy boosts your skin with a good dose of Vitamin C. The Vita C Facetherapy uses micro-electrocurrents to infuse your face with Vitamin C for a healthy look. To end the treatment, your face is treated to a deep pore cleansing mask to wash off dead skin.

  1. Dr. Hauschka Intensive Facial at Der Anthyllis

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Dr. Hauscka is known worldwide for its holistic, natural and efficient products for the face and skin. If you’re seeking a great anti-aging skin treatment and an organic and luxurious experience, the Dr. Hauschka Intensive Facial utilises only the best products for all types of skin. For mature skin or skin suffering from pigmentations coming from raging, the treatments gentle solution fixes discoloration and sagging skin.

Der Anthyllis is a calming and soothing clinic with a wide range of treatments that makes use of only all-natural ingredients if you’re someone adverse to chemicals. Dr. Hauschka is one of the most popular.

  1. Image Skincare Wrinkle Facial at GloAesthetics

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GloAeshetics invests in the cutting-edge technology and machines for one of the best facial and body treatment experiences in Singapore. An award-winning treatment ideal for those whose goal is to have youthful and glowing skin, the Image Skincare Wrinkle Facial is a must.

Utilizing the Wrinkle Lift Peel, containing exfoliating glycol acid and collagen-synthesising retinol, the facial removes wrinkles, smooths rough complexion, fixes uneven skin tone and removes signs of oiliness. At only 20 minutes, the Image Skincare Wrinkle Facial can be done over lunch break, just be sure to avoid the sun for the next couple of hours.

  1. VBeam Laser Treatment The Clifford Clinic

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The Clifford Clinic prides itself on providing cosmetic surgeries with with quick resting time but serves natural looking results. With almost 20 years in of experience in the medical aesthetics business, the doctors in from The Clifford Clinic have trained abroad and use the state-of-the-art equipment and technique.

The most popular treatment is the Acne and Scar Facial, but most clients come for the VBeam Laser Treatment. In order to safely treat spider veins, birthmarks, acne scars and other unwanted skin marks, the VBeam Laser Treatment allows you to safely clear pigmentations with pulsed-dye laser. Using the right combination of medicine, creams and procedures, The Clifford Clinic promises photo-ready results.

  1. Proionic at Porcelain

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Porcelain believes anyone can achieve beautiful, flawless skin and the team will help you reach your skin goals. Porcelain has treatments for any type of problems like pigmentation, acne, and aging and sagging skin. One of the most sought after skin treatments at Porcelain is the Proionic Skin Treatment.

Using a 448Hz long wave frequency, a psionic effect is applied to your skin tissues to increase the movement of ions in the cells and restore the balance to your skin. This is the ideal treatment for acne, acne scars, ageing skin and dull skin. In 2016, Porcelain won the title of  Best Beauty Spa in Asia at World Luxury Spa Awards, their fourth win in a row.

Medical aesthetics is definitely something you need to try to achieve beautiful skin for more confidence in a busy world. Whether you want to boost your skin for a beautiful glow or heal scene scars, check out these five treatments to look and feel good.