Sun exposure in the number one reason for the aging of your skin. In Singapore, the weather is sunny and humid, with sunlight affecting your skin once out of the house or office. Because of this, anti-aging treatments have become all the rage in Singapore. Women and men alike are seeking the right anti-aging treatment for their skin type. To make your life easier, here’s a list of five anti-aging treatments and where to get them in Singapore.

  1. Image Skincare Wrinkle Facial at GloAesthetics

Utilizing the Wrinkle Lift Peel, containing exfoliating glycol acid and collagen-synthesising retinol, the facial removes wrinkles, smooths rough complexion, fixes uneven skin tone and removes signs of oiliness. At only 20 minutes, the Image Skincare Wrinkle Facial can be done over lunch break, just be sure to avoid the sun for the next couple of hours.

  1. Filorga Cryolift Facial at Sylvia’s Secret

If you have tired and rough complexion, the Cryolift facial stimulates your skin using the stimulating extreme cold of cryotherapy. Your skin gets blasted with cold air to open your blood vessels and boost circulation of oxygen to remove unwanted wrinkles and brighten the complexion.

  1. Brightening Facial with Revlite Laser Treatment at Prive Clinic SG

Touted as the best age management clinic, Prive Clinic’s Brightening Facial with Revlite Laser Treatment is perfect for addressing skin problems caused by Singapore’s tropical climate. The Revlite Laser targets sagging and loose skin, tightens it and lifts its appearance.

  1. Dr. Hauschka Intensive Facial at Der Anthyllis

For an organic and luxurious experience, the Dr. Hauschka Intensive Facial only makes use of the best products for all types of skin. Targeting mature skin or skin suffering from pigmentations coming from aging, the pigmentations treatment’s gentle solution fixes discoloration and sagging skin.

  1. V-Shape Treatment + Collagen Facials at TaraBliss

The V-Shape Treatment and Collagen Facial at TaraBliss serve complementary for the benefit of your skin. Both Radio Frequency and oxygen treatments are used to target saggy and aging skin to firm and provide an overall skin benefit.

It can be difficult to decide on which anti-aging treatment is best for you. Read through this list and decipher which is best for your skin and the effects you’re looking for. You can also visit a dermatologist to discuss the suitable treatments for your needs.