Do you want to build your muscles leaner and at the same time improve core strength, flexibility, and poise? All of these bodily attributes can be acquired by doing one special kind of exercise – Pilates. Unlike other exercises such as weightlifting, Pilates is simple and comfortable to do. In Singapore, there are a lot of Pilates classes where you could enroll. So if you are planning to engage yourself for the first time in a Pilates class, here are helpful tips for beginners like you:

  1. Dress Comfortably – Just like any type of exercise, you are required to wear clothes that could make you comfortable and move and breathe freely. Clothes should allow you to stretch maximally and move your extremities and torso on a full range of motion. Wear not too tight or loose. Leggings or shorts and a sleeveless top are the perfect match.Dress comfortable and move and breathe freely for Pilates class in SG
  2. Bare Your Feet – Take off those sports footwear because in Pilates, you are required to move with bare feet. This will help in keeping you from slipping and provide you a better stance all throughout the practice.
  3. Eat Light – Avoid eating heavily an hour before the workout. You may have instead small snacks in your bag such as nuts or fruits. Eating heavy meals might cause you to feel nauseous.Avoid eating heavily an hour before the pilates classes in SG
  4. Practice Easy & Often – Short but frequent classes are better than long but seldom ones. Try to start with fifteen minutes of workout every day. With perseverance and consistency, you will surely see the results you have been looking for in no time.
  5. Advance Gradually – When you look for Pilates classes in Singapore, you will observe that the exercises advance gradually from beginner to pro. However, some beginners think that easy exercises might get a long time to develop the body built that they want, thus they exhaust themselves by doing difficult exercises. Don’t be like that. Start small. Practice only exercises that you can do with ease. It takes several weeks before you could finally make every exercise perfect. Be patient. Practice one exercise at a time. Until you can do intermediate exercises in 30 minutes without a break, that’s the time to level up.Pilates class stretching

Pilates is one of the simplest and easiest exercises which could make you a fitness buff! Aside from strength and flexibility, it also helps you to conquer your physical limitations. Start to look for Pilates classes in Singapore today. No pressure and have fun!