Singapore is known for being the financial and technology hub in Asia. However, Singapore is also rapidly becoming a center of health and wellness. Tons of Singaporeans have committed to spend their calories consciously, have subscribed to meal plan programs, or downloaded mobile applications to track their nutrition and physical activity. Gyms and fitness centers are still the primary places Singaporeans go to get fit and stay healthy. However, with the countless options for exercise, it can be difficult to decipher which gyms in Singapore are right for you. Here is a list of five types of gyms to get you started on your journey to health.







Yoga Studio


Yoga is the ideal workout if you’re looking to build strength, balance, and overall mental health. Yoga uses tough-to-hold poses to build muscle tone and endurance as well as low impact exercises to allow for meditation and breathing exercises. Head to true Yoga or Yoga Movement to try out a class and hold your first pose.







HIIT-specialized Gyms


HIIT or high-intensity interval training workouts alternates between intense exercises with low impact moves for quick and effective workouts to burn fat and build muscle. If you have only a short amount of time to workout and want to maximize results, HIIT workouts only last an average of 30 minutes. Gyms like F45 and Ritual Gym are the places to go for a good HIIT workout.







Spinning Gym


Spinning or cycling is an exercise growing in popularity. Spinning is ideal if you’re looking for an effective cardio workout that not only burns calories and fat but builds muscle tone. Spinning gyms like CruCycle and 7Cycle have opened numerous branches all over Singapore.







Crossfit Gym


Gyms like CrossFit Hub and CrossFit Mobilus are watering holes for the Singaporean CrossFit community. With a focus on building endurance, agility, and strength, CrossFit employs unconventional exercises and equipment (for example, a car tire). If you’re looking to build physical endurance and explore a range of exercises, CrossFit is the way to go.







Overall Fitness Gym


Numerous big name gyms have opened all over Singapore like Fitness First, Pure Fitness and 24-hour Anytime Fitness. If you’re unsure of your goal or what type of exercise you want to try, join one of these big name gyms and hire a trainer who can craft a workout just for you.



Whether you’re looking for a low impact exercise or intense muscle-building workout, there are gyms in Singapore for every fitness goal. Do you research or try complimentary trials and begin your fitness journey today.