Image result for 6 Time-Saving Gifts to Buy for Your Minimalist Guy This Holiday SeasonIf your man is like any other guy on the planet, he probably doesn’t like spending too much time in front of the mirror. For as grooming-crazy our generation has become, men’s routines still fall closer to the minimalist end of the scale. You might have tried to get your guy to slather on a few other products at the start of the day, but ended up watching those purchases gather dust on his dresser. If you want to level up his grooming routine without costing him too much time, these 6 time-saving gift ideas should be the perfect presents for the coming holidays.

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  1. 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash – Yes, even just squeezing out two different products from different bottles seems to be a major inconvenience for a lot of guys. It’s likely that your man has tried using a bar of soap for his hair just so he could skip out on reaching for his shampoo. That’s why the best shampoo for men is the one that gets rid of the hassle. Your guy will appreciate a 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash that works to nourish hair and keep skin clean and healthy at the same time. This will eliminate the need to use multiple products during bath time without sacrificing skin or hair health.Related image
  2. Beard Oil and After Shave – Even if your guy likes a close shave, it’s important to nourish beard hair so that it doesn’t look too tangled and unruly when it grows out. Instead of applying an after shave and beard oil separately, make use of a beard oil and after shave cream or balm to speed up the process.
  3. Related imageDeo and Cologne – The reason a lot of guys cake on their deo is when sweat starts to churn, it will work up a stink. For double measure, your guy might also spray on some cologne right before he walks out the door. Get him a two-in-one cologne and deo spray to make the process faster and to eliminate the strange concoction of manly scents that might flow through your home in the morning.Related image
  4. Hydrating Face Scrub – No matter how many times you may have told your guy to moisturize, it’s likely that he never listened. To make sure he still gets the right hydration throughout the day, get him a hydrating face scrub that cleans, exfoliates, and moisturizes skin for a healthy and nourished look and feel.
  5. Image result for Pomade and Hair Sunblock with menPomade and Hair Sunblock – A lot of the hair gel and pomades in the market don’t really take scalp care into consideration. Sure, they might hold your guy’s hair in place. But if they put his scalp at risk, then you’d probably have to find him something else to use. A pomade and hair sunblock combination product will help nourish his delicate scalp, protect it against the harsh sun, and keep his hair looking pristine and perfect throughout the day.
  6. Image result for Multi-purpose Nail Tool for menMulti-purpose Nail Tool – We’ve all struggled to get our guy’s hands looking at least like they’ve been groomed by a human. If your man always complains that there are way too many tools and trinkets involved in the nail grooming process, get him a multi-purpose nail tool that combines a clipper, a filer, a cuticle pusher, and a cleaner all rolled into one convenient pocket-friendly tool. This way, he won’t have any more excuses to let those nails grow more than they should.

Make a compromise with your man by giving him the full grooming experience without having to eat up his precious time. Be sure to grab these gifts and bundle them together for a memorable Christmas treat he’ll be grateful for many years to come.