Weddings are by far one of the most expensive events in a person’s life, and saving up way ahead of the big day is indeed a good thing to do. But for those who might be running a little low on budget, fret not because there are hundreds of ways on how you can plan for that special day without actually hurting your pocket.

Here are three tips on how to pull off a budget-friendly wedding in Singapore:1

  1. Go for Wedding DIYs.

DIYs or “Do It Yourself” has become a popular thing not only for party planners but also for soon-to-be married couples. Starting from the invitations, to the table decors, and other wedding details that you need, there is a DIY tutorial readily available for you online. All you need is a little patience (and your creative imagination of course), and you’re sure to create the most engaging and personalized wedding details you could ever think of.2

  1. Go for wedding rentals.

While having a specially-made wedding dress and groom suit is ideal, renting a gown and your beau’s attire is the most practical thing to do if you’re tight on the budget. Nowadays, it is easier to do this as there are more and more wedding shops. If you’re not that fussy on stuff like the gown to wear, then you can try to find a wedding dress rental in Singapore.

Hand writing Priorities list with marker isolated on white.

  1. Prioritize what’s important.

Among the many things that need to be prepared for a wedding like the church ceremony, the reception, the wedding gown, the entourage, even the photo and video coverage, prioritizing based on what you think you need is the way to save up your money for your wedding day. Proper organizing, budgeting, and probably a little help from a seasoned wedding planner can help you pick out what needs to splurge on and what to put aside. Don’t forget, however, that your guests like family and friends must enjoy as well. So avoid being stingy when it comes to the food for them.

A wedding day surely is an event which everyone fantasizes about, but it doesn’t mean that you have to overindulge and spend a lot of money to come up with a memorable and meaningful wedding celebration. With a little imagination and lots of creative skills, you can certainly pull off that impressive yet economical wedding party!