Image result for Am I Too Old to Wear Braces?Wearing braces is becoming a trend these days. You see a lot of young professionals and teenagers wearing braces around the world. Singaporeans, in particular, are highly conscious about good grooming and aesthetics. Is wearing braces the ‘in’ thing, or a growing awareness of dental health? Whatever the case may be, dental braces serve a lot of purposes to correct flaws in teeth and improve personal appearance.

But are you too old to wear braces? Perhaps you have not given orthodontic treatment much thought. However, besides riding on the trend, you know there is a need if you have crooked or crowded teeth you’ve been carrying for some time. It is never too late to consider wearing braces while you still have time.


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If you are interested but curious about wearing braces at your age, read on. It might help you reconsider and decide to get braces in Singapore.

  1. Adults can draw the same benefits from braces as children do. Therefore, it is not awkward and unreasonable.
  2. The remarkable technological advances in dental hardware and techniques make braces obtainable and aesthetically pleasing for adults.
  3. There are great options for you to choose from and the braces can be customized according to your preference.
  4. Braces are intended to straighten teeth for that ideal formation. Plaque accumulation can be prevented if you have straight teeth. It allows for better tooth brushing too.
  5. The average adult might need to wear braces longer than children. It might take a period of 18 months to 3 years before the braces are removed. Similar to child post-brace treatment, you will need to wear retainers to maintain teeth formation.
  6. Expect some adjustment and discomfort while wearing your braces. Follow the maintenance procedures your dentist will give you. You will definitely feel the healthy change when the braces are removed.

Orthodontic treatment is essential to personal health just as eye care and skin care are. Your dentist can evaluate, determine and solve your orthodontic problems. It will be worth your investment in the long run. Remember to keep that sweet smile.