10 Inexpensive Beauty Gift Ideas For Friends Or Colleagues This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the time where you can show how much you love and appreciate the people in your life, through spoken or written words and delightful gifts. If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of wonderful gifts that are affordable and stylish which you can find easily in Singapore. Check out these 10 great beauty gift ideas for friends or colleagues to give this Valentine’s Day, without making you go bankrupt:

  1. Natural Lip Balm

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For your friends or colleagues who are into handmade and all-natural products, a natural lip balm would surely delight them. If possible, find the one that’s vegan-friendly and that suits all skin types, is made from nourishing ingredients; such as vitamin E, olive oil, avocado, cocoa or shea butter, almond oil, fruit extracts, or coconut oil.

  1. Scented Candles In Glass Jars

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Your co-workers would definitely appreciate a scented candle that would sooth and relax them after a long hard day at work. Find the one that has your co-worker’s favorite scent, and comes in a glass jar so that she/he can reuse it for décor purposes.

  1. Beauty Bag

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Gift your BFF and co-workers a beauty bag to stash all of their makeup and beauty goodies. Get the canvas ones with printed heart patterns all over it, to show much you love them.

  1. Beauty Gift Card

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If you have no time to find a particular gift, or would rather have your besties and colleagues find their own favorite beauty products, then a beauty gift card would do the trick. You can choose how much you’d like to top-up the card, from $10 to $500 (different beauty stores have different amount of credit top-up).

  1. Hand Cream Gift Set

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Being stuck in the office for hours with cold air-conditioning would dry up your skin fast. Gift your co-workers a hand cream gift set that serves as a moisturizer, so they won’t end up with shriveled-looking hands with visible lines (and in some cases, veins). Get the ones made from natural and nourishing ingredients. Hand creams in Singapore can be bought online, if you have no time to run to the store.

  1. UV Protection Moisturizer

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Living in a tropical country like Singapore where the sun is strong requires an extra skin protection. UV rays are especially harmful to both your health and skin, so it’s wise to wear a UV protection moisturizer. Get some for your friends and colleagues to show how much you care for their well-being.

  1. Quirky-Flavored Lip Balm

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If your friends or co-workers are the goofy, playful types, you can gift them quirky flavored lip balms, such as beer, pizza, bacon, and candy cane flavored lip balm. This is guaranteed to crack them up (not the lips, though).

  1. Beauty Book

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If your friends or colleagues need a little guidance in beauty, get them a beauty guidebook for a start. Get one that also looks good on display, so they can put it on their living room shelves or coffee table.

  1. Basic Makeup Kit

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This gift is perfect for those who are not used to wearing makeup. A typical basic makeup kit contains foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, blusher, and lipstick.

  1. Basic makeup brushes kit

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Another useful products to complement the makeup kit are makeup brushes. Your friends and colleagues are better off using brushes for hygiene reasons.

To make the best of the gifts, try to find out what your friends and co-workers love and need the most. There’s no point in gifting something if the recipient doesn’t use it, which is a waste of your time and money. Some of the aforementioned gifts might be beneficial to your loved ones, so make sure that they truly need it, and not just love it.

Silver Lining – 5 Effective Tips To Reverse Premature Greying Hair Problems

Do you have a silver lining on your head? Oh, it’s the hair! The hair is one of the distinguishing features of the human face. You often hear people complain about a bad hair day. But a bad hair day is nothing more than an unruly hair problem. A legitimate hair problem is the premature greying hair. You try to find ways, even primitive ones, to reverse the situation. In today’s beauty trends, premature grey hair treatment is certainly included.

Do not lose heart. There are remedies to reverse premature greying hair problems. Here are some effective tips.

  1. Physical Conditioning – Staying healthy is always the natural way to prevent any illness. As to your hair condition, adequate sleep and rest will contribute greatly to reverse your problem. Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can cause complications in your hair follicle where hair growth originates. Because hair is a protein filament, it also requires vitamin supplements to give hair follicle that extra strength to prevent grey or white hair and even hair loss.Adequate sleep and rest to avoid premature grey hair and hair loss
  2. Color Your World – Visit your favorite hairdresser and seek consultation as to your options to cover those grey areas, silver streaks or spots. You would know from a professional the right hair dye color to use and the duration within which you can hide grey hair. You would then do regular salon visits.
  3. Use Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is known to be a deterrent to grey hair. Applying coconut oil on your scalp nourishes and conditions your hair. The vitamins, minerals and carbohydrate content in coconut oil can impede the growth of grey hair. Regular use of coconut oil can also prevent dry hair and hair fall.Coconut oil is known to be a deterrent to premature grey hair
  4. Use Color Protecting Shampoos – In order to get your money’s worth on coloring your hair, invest a little more in protecting and preserving the color of your hair. You can shop around for the best color-friendly shampoos that are formulated to protect your hair color.
  5. Work It At Home – There are cheaper home remedies when you are tight on the budget but very tedious to prepare. Some known hair application remedies are grated ginger, curry leaves, henna, chamomile, and aloe vera gel.Homemade hair application remedies for grey hair treatment is much more cheaper

If you have premature greying hair problems, it is humiliating when somebody mistakes you for an older person. Quite frankly, no one wants to look old unless of course you are a confirmed sexagenarian. Do not lose heart. For after all, this is a grey matter.

Seeing the Bigger Picture – 5 Common Eye Problems You Should Never Ignore

Eye Problems You Should Never Ignore

One thing that we often take for granted is our vision. Because it’s something that we use on a daily basis, it’s difficult to appreciate good vision while we have it. When things go wrong with our eyesight however, it can be very difficult to ignore. In Singapore, eye problems affect a large chunk of the population with thousands of individuals seeking medical attention for eye-related issues every year. Vision plays a very important role in our day-to-day life, so the moment you suspect any problems, be sure to see a specialist. Wondering what symptoms you shouldn’t ignore? Find out here.


  1. Too Many Floaters – It’s normal to see a few floaters in your field of vision. They are the small, translucent, irregularly-shaped strands that float around your eyes. However, if you see too many floaters as though you’re looking at a flock of birds in the sky, it would be imperative to see an eye doctor immediately. This is a common symptom of a detached retina, and could require special treatment to resolve.


Foggy Vision

  1. Foggy Vision – If you open your eyes and feel as though you’re looking through thick smoke or clouds, see a doctor immediately. This is a symptom of a dangerous type of glaucoma called angle closure glaucoma. The high intraocular pressure associated with the problem causes severe headaches and further complications, which is why it’s important to visit a doctor for an emergency surgery.


  1. Acute Blackout – It’s possible for your eyesight to black out completely without a warning, and this could be a sign of cardiovascular disease. But if the blackout occurs without any accompanying symptoms and lasts for more than 10 minutes, visit your eye doctor immediately.


  1. Flashing Lights – Another common problem that shouldn’t be ignored is the presence of flashing lights. Usually, this visual disturbance is seen along the periphery of the visual field. However, it can also occur around the center of vision. This symptom indicates the beginnings of structural damage to the retina, so be sure to visit your eye doctor for a prompt resolution.


  1. Redness and Irritation – Because of the exposed nature of the eyes, it’s easy to get infections. For any redness or irritation, avoid self medicating with eye drops. Visit your doctor to get a corresponding diagnosis and treatment for the problem.


Luckily, when you contact an eye center in Singapore, they’re not likely to charge right off the bat. The first consultation will only give you an idea of your problem, and if treatment is necessary, it’s only then that you’ll get charged. Don’t hesitate to visit your doctor if these symptoms arise. Take care of your vision, maintain healthy eyes, and resolve any problems before they get worse, by seeking a professional treatment when you detect these 5 common problems.

closeup of eyesight measurement to a young woman with a phoropter with an exhibitor of fashionable glasses at the background

5 Important Facts Employers Need to Know about the Millennial Workforce

young-adults-crop-600x338By definition, millennials are individuals who reached their 20’s at the turn of the century. In recent years, these people have been pumping into the workforce in great numbers, causing serious changes and challenges for human resource professionals and employers. While they’re not any less skilled or smart than previous generations, there are certain factors that make them confusing to handle as a workforce. If you have a few new age recruits on your team and you’re wondering what to do to keep them engaged, read through this short guide on what you need to know about the millenial engagement.


  1. They’re Tech-Inclined – Because people who fall into the millennial generation grew up alongside the dawn of the internet and the smartphone, they’re much more aware of the benefits of tech devices compared to other individuals from earlier generations. That said, the millennial workforce thrives on high-tech devices, believing that a workplace is only efficient if it maximizes the use of digital assets.


  1. They’re not Time-Bound – Older generations feel comfortable working around a pre-established work schedule, but millennials aren’t quite the same. These new age workers believe that true productivity isn’t measured by time. Rather, it’s measure by output. So if your millennial worker gets everything done before 5, it would be best to let them off early.


  1. They’re Less Particular about Clothing – Back in the day, people who went to work in offices respected the practice of dressing for the part. However, millennials don’t necessarily subscribe to the same ideas. Millennial engagement relies a lot on how much flexibility you allow in your office, and that includes attire. To reduce the burden of having to find a worthy corporate outfit everyday, consider changing the dress code to something more casual.


  1. They’re Laidback – Millennials are much more productive in environments that don’t restrict or stifle them, and for the most part, these environments are those that exude the café-feel. Walk into any modern office or co-working space, and you’re bound to find a laid-back office ambiance, with countless sofas, free flowing coffee for all, and even the occasional ping pong table or arcade game.


  1. They’re Driven by Small Rewards – Ask older corporations how they engaged previous generations, and you’re likely to hear grand incentives that are earned after years of rendering work. Corporate cars, low interest housing loans, and even all-expense paid travel are just some of the rewards given to hard workers. While a few millennials might feel motivated by the same incentives, they don’t all feel compelled to aim for such distant targets. Giving smaller rewards more frequently work best to keep them motivated. Try free meals, an extra day off, or gift checks to keep the fire burning.


No doubt, handling a millennial workforce can be confusing, but once you understand the facts, it’s easy to come up with the right strategies. Engage all of your employees and keep all your workers happy and motivated by remembering these 5 facts.

Important Facts You Should Know About Stomach Cancer And Its Treatment

The most recent statistics from the National Cancer Center in Singapore show that stomach cancer is the 7th most common cancer among men, and the 9th most common cancer among women in the country. The disease is usually diagnosed in people between the ages of 50 and 70. Research shows that its causes include gastric infections, unhealthy diets, smoking, and genetics. The illness can be cured, provided that it’s diagnosed during its early stages.


Here’s a quick overview of the most common symptoms of stomach cancer

  1. nausea or vomiting
  2. stomach pain which gets worse after eating a meal
  3. frequent heartburn
  4. excessive fatigue
  5. loss of appetite
  6. yellowish discoloration in the eyes or skin
  7. constant bloating
  8. blood in the stool
  9. feeling full even after eating a small amount of food 1
  10. difficulty in swallowing food



The Different Methods In Treating Stomach Cancer 

  1. Surgery – Most doctors recommend this procedure especially for patients who have advanced stages of stomach cancer. It usually involves removing the sections of your stomach that have been invaded by cancer cells. In some cases, the entirety of the stomach needs to be removed.
  2. Chemotherapy – The main objective of chemotherapy is to kill the cancer cells or stop them from growing. You can either take the drugs as pills or through an IV. Chemotherapy often takes several weeks or even months, depending on the extent of the cancer cells in the patient’s stomach.
  3. Radiation therapy – Some patients prefer this option because it’s non-invasive. An x-ray machine is used to blast high-energy waves that has the strength to kill cancer cells, as well as to shrink tumors.
  4. Chemoradiation – This treatment procedure combines the efficacy of radiation and chemotherapy. It’s usually done to shrink the tumor in the stomach before a surgery is performed.
  5. Targeted drugs – These are drugs that have been designed to fight only cancer cells. Unlike radiation and chemotherapy that kills both healthy and cancer cells, targeted drugs focus on destroying cancer cells only. This means that the surrounding healthy cells won’t be affected.


Stomach cancer is a serious illness that can be fatal if it remains unchecked. That said, if you are more susceptible to the disease due to genetics, it’s advisable that you undergo regular checkups to determine if there are signs of tumor growth in your stomach. Additionally, you should avoid unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, and eating too much processed food.

Up the Ante – 5 Beauty Product Must-Haves for a More Effective Skincare Routine This 2017

Wash, rinse, repeat. If this was your skincare routine this past year, it’s time to up the ante. Pollution and contaminants are at an all-time high and now more than ever, our skin is more susceptible to damage caused by harsh sun and toxins in the environment. Unfortunately, the skincare regimen you’ve been following probably isn’t powerful enough to combat all of those harmful elements. If you’re ready to develop a skincare routine that really works, be sure to put these 5 beauty products in your cart when you head out for post-holiday shopping.

Image result for women Overnight Facial Masks1. Overnight Facial Masks – Whether it’s mud or a cloth mask, there’s no going wrong with adding an overnight facial mask to your routine. The body works overtime at night while you sleep, doing its best to make sure damaged cells are renewed, and dead cells cleared out. Of course, your body can only do so much. If it doesn’t have the right tools for the job, it might not be able to come up with the best outcomes. Aiding the process with dermatologist-approved facial masks will help double the results and make your skin brighter every morning.

Image result for women Tightening skin Cream2. Tightening Cream – For those who have yet to experience aging, there is very little emphasis placed on tightening and toning the skin. But what many don’t realize is that keeping the skin taut and smooth in later years relies on the efforts made in present times. Be sure to invest in an effective tightening cream or lotion and slather it on generously to keep your skin smooth, flawless, and youthful today and tomorrow.

Image result for oil film for face3. Oil Film – Stop dabbing your face with tissue when you sense there’s too much oil building up. Invest in a product that’s designed for the cause. Buy oil film from your local grocery store or pharmacy and keep it in tote throughout the day. Pull one out at lunch time right before you head back to the office and blot out any excess oil that may have accumulated along the creases and planes of your face. This will help reduce the chances of developing blemishes and will eliminate that unsightly shine that we all hate seeing.

Image result for All Purpose Aloe Cream4. All Purpose Aloe Cream – Instead of buying lots of multiple bottles of lotion for the different parts of your body, consider buying a single tub of all purpose skin cream infused with aloe for maximum smoothness and convenience. Aloe is known to contain proteolytic enzymes, which are responsible for repairing dead or damaged skin cells. Constant and frequent application of aloe over the skin will make it healthier and nourished, for a flawless and radiant glow. Simply take a handful before bedtime and rub it all over your body generously. You can also take a small amount to rub over your arms and hands while you’re out and about, to give your skin a little extra midday boost.

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5. Sunscreen – This is something many people forget, but always a top priority for any skin expert. Harsh sunlight and UV rays can seriously damage skin, as these harmful rays can penetrate into the deeper layers where immature skin cells lie. When this happens, the cells are damaged, making them prone to appear unhealthy and blemished as they’re pushed to the surface. Compromised skin is also prone to disease and serious skin conditions because of its reduced capacity to protect the body. By generously applying sunscreen before you head out, you can provide your skin an extra layer of protection which will reflect harmful rays and eliminate the odds of sun damage.

Face the New Year with reinvigorated skin. Be sure to buy these 5 beauty product must-haves before the year ends to give yourself a head start in time for 2017.

Top 5 Easy Tips For Hosting A Fun, Stress-Free Game Night With Friends 

Image result for Easy Tips For Hosting A Fun, Stress-Free Game Night With FriendsAre you planning a get-together with your close friends soon? Host a fun game night for a fun and stress-free evening. Follow these five easy tips for a memorable, quality time with your friends:

  1. Keep it small. Keep your group small by having only 3-6 people over for convenience, especially if you have a small space. Have everyone seated around the dining table. Alternatively, you can seat your guests on the floor and throw some cushions to sit around the coffee table, if there’s not enough seating for everyone.
  2. Potluck it. Keep it simple and skip cooking by asking your guests to bring different food for appetizers, dinner and desserts. As a host, you should take charge of the ‘main course’ by ordering takeout in advance. For a vibrant game night, have an endless supply of beer for every game round. Check out the good quality beer delivery in Singapore to have the booze delivered right at your doorstep. It’s best to place your order in advance so the drinks and food will arrive just in time for game night. Make sure everyone agrees on the chosen food and drink before you place the order.
  3. Set a theme. Make it more fun by setting a theme for your game night based on the games you’ll be playing. For example, if you’ll be playing murder mystery games, set the mood by dimming the lights throughout your place and make every room messy. If you’ll be playing magic-based games, decorate your place with brooms, cauldrons, candles or old books. You and your friends can also dress up if the games require you to be in character.
  4. Allocate a time for dinner. Allocate a time to have dinner before you proceed to play the games all night long. For appetizers and desserts, you can keep them on a side table so those who’d like to have a snack or drink could easily have them during the game.Image result for Allocate a time for dinner at house
  5. Have your guests bring their favorite games. Though a theme might be set for your game night, try to be flexible and play a variety of games that cater to everyone’s interest. Have your guests bring their favorite card or board games that everyone has agreed on in advance. Make sure everyone knows how to play them.

Try to plan in advance so you’ll have enough time to consider what food, drink and games to bring. Make sure everyone RSVP, so game night will go smoothly according to plan. By following these tips, you’ll have a stress-free and fun game night!

4 Effective Ways On Improving Work-Life Balance Among Your Employees

Managing a business in an urban setting like Singapore can sometimes be frustrating because employees tend to be more susceptible to burnouts and stress. As the owner or the HR manager, it’s among your duties to make sure that all of your employees are physically and mentally fit to perform their responsibilities. One way of achieving this is ensuring that there’s a work-life balance among your team. To help you out, here are some practical suggestions that you can implement:revamp-company-vacation-policies-and-employees-group-activities-in-sg

  1. Revamp your leave and vacation policies. One of the main reasons why workers suffer and perform poorly is that they feel overworked. To fix this problem, you need to come up with policies which ensure the employees that they can rest, apply for leaves, or go on vacations, if they think their physical or mental health is taking a beating. This allows them to free themselves from the constraints of the workplace at least for a while. They will feel more rejuvenated when they return to work.
  2. Allow your employees to work from home when necessary. This doesn’t mean you give them the free reign to work at home full-time. It’s a case-by-case basis. For instance, if your team is working overtime, you could suggest that they take home the project and do it at their own time and pace. For some tasks that can be done off-site, you can also allow your employees the flexibility to do the tasks in the comforts of their homes.
  3. Encourage your employees to participate in off-site team building events. These events are very effective in boosting the morale of your team. Better morale will in turn help the team balance their duties in the office and their responsibilities at home. There are numerous group activities in Singapore that you can choose from such as beach picnics, cookouts, escape games, and nature adventures.organize-group-activities-such-as-team-building-activities-are-needed-in-sg-company
  4. Offer off-site benefits like membership in fitness gyms or access to child care services. The physical health of your employees is as important as their mindset when they are at work. With that in mind, you should invest in providing them access to fitness and health care facilities like gyms.offer-fitness-gym-center-for-employees-in-company-in-sg

If your employees are able to balance their work with their personal lives, they will be more productive and be able to contribute more for the company. It’s a win-win situation for all the parties involved. As the owner or HR manager, you should always keep in mind that your employees are the lifeblood of the business. If they perform poorly, the business will also perform poorly. You won’t have to face this problem if you focus more attention in helping your workers improve their work-life balance.

The Power of Internal Promotion – 3 Reasons Why You Should Rise Employees Through the Ranks

“Now hiring, chief executive officer.” That’s a job ad you’re not likely to see.

It’s seldom that you’ll find higher ranking vacancies offered to outsider applicants, and for very good reasons. For most companies, promoting talent that they already have, instead of looking elsewhere for professionals to fill in higher places, is the best route for successful accomplishment of duties and responsibilities. But there’s much more to internal promotion than just that. Find out why you should choose to promote instead of getting new talent by checking out these three reasons.


  1. Comprehensive Understanding of Company Goals and Objectives – One of the most difficult things to deal with when you’re hiring new talent is the alignment of your goals with theirs. Often, new hires won’t completely understand your company’s mission and objectives, which is particularly detrimental for your entire workforce if you’re hiring someone to fill in a higher ranking vacancy. It’s possible that they might misguide their subordinates and finalize decisions that don’t lead towards the same company goal. Promoting one of your own to fill in a higher spot could eliminate that problem, especially if they’ve been with you for a while.


  1. Employee Retention and Engagement – Even if you’re only promoting one from your pool of talent, you’re likely to keep the fire of motivation burning in the rest of your workforce. Seeing one of their own being plucked out and propped up on a higher seat in the company’s organizational structure gives hope to a lot of others. Knowing that it’s a possibility for one brings life to the idea that it’s a possibility for all. In many companies, a typical employee engagement score calculation reveals that opportunity for career growth is one of the top reasons for continued engagement. And proving to your workers that you provide that chance will keep them ambitious and motivated.


  1. Shorter Learning Curve – New hires have a lot to learn, regardless of whether or not they’ve had experience with other companies. That’s because your enterprise might perform certain tasks and duties in your own unique way that might not be known to many people on the outside. By promoting instead of hiring, you can expect a shorter learning curve, especially if you choose an employee who excels at what they do and who has observed how higher ranking jobs have been done in the past.


There is power to internal promotion, so don’t put out those job vacancy ads just yet. Sift through your pool of talent and see who might be ripe for the picking. Rise your employees through the ranks and watch your company grow to success along with them.

4 Effective Ways to Bring Motivation, Creativity, and Managing an Exceptional Team

jumeirah-beach-hotel-team-building-heroFor a lot of business owners, employee turn-over is one of the most daunting problems to deal with. All on its own, finding the right workers can be a seriously challenging task. Throw in the chance of having your hired and trained individuals abandon ship just when things run smoothly, and you’re in for a hassle. Making sure that all of your employees – from your top executives, all the way down to rank and file – are happy, satisfied, and motivated is one of the most important and fruitful things you can do as an employer. But how exactly does one go about motivating and encouraging employees to bring their creativity and innovative minds to life? These four effective ways might just be the answer.


  1. Team Bonding – According to recent statistics, people who are genuinely happy with their jobs owe their satisfaction not to their salary, but to the friendly and nurturing nature of the workforce they’re a part of. The best way to encourage camaraderie, friendship, and bonding among your workers would be to plan a team bonding experience for them every once in a while. It doesn’t have to be expensive! A team bonding in Singapore, is a great opportunity that offers serious fun for your specific budget.


  1. Performance-Based Incentives – There are more than a handful of employers who base their incentives on outcomes, sales, and production. While outcome-based incentives might seem reasonable and practical, you might also want to look into performance-based ones. Because no one really controls the behavior of clients and consumers, there really is no guarantee that a person will make a purchase even if your employees give their hundred percent. Instead of measuring success based on outcomes, consider looking into performance. Award those

who give their best, even if that doesn’t necessarily translate to profits.


  1. Team Huddle – What happens after the work shift is over? Do your people just go about their own way, talking among themselves in small groups? Why not make use of that short amount of time to huddle up and summarize the day? Common practice among lots of the most successful businesses to date is the after shift huddle. It’s during this time that team leaders, managers, or bosses talk to their people to realign goals, summarize the day’s work, and offer small corrections for an even better performance the next day.


  1. Annual Awarding Ceremony – Everyone loves being recognized for their efforts, so leverage that for your workforce. Every year, host an awarding ceremony where you provide your employees with small trophies, medals, or certificates to recognize their efforts all throughout the year. For instance, you can provide best attendance awards, best in sales, or even best in corporate outfits! Get creative and make it fun to give your workforce a yearly celebration they can truly look forward to.


Keep your workers happy, satisfied, and constantly striving for the best. Consider these four smart and easy ways to help nurture them in a workplace that really encourages employees to shine and perform.