One of the most common eye diseases that people may experience is Presbyopia or farsightedness. It commonly occurs among people aging 40 and above. However, it may also be experienced by younger people.

This eye condition is characterized by difficulty in focusing vision in near objects thus causing them to appear blurry. Even if you have a healthy vision your entire life, it is inevitable for you to acquire Presbyopia as it comes with the aging process.


If you happen to have this eye condition it is best to understand the most common treatments to address it:


  • Corrective Lenses or Contact Lens

Corrective lenses or contact lens may be used to help correct your blurry vision. Some patients with farsightedness often use bifocal or varifocal lenses in order to get away with a different pair of reading glasses. These types of lenses require administration of registered optometrist. On the other hand, you may opt for contact lens for a more convenient vision corrector. They may be used to correct the focus which is lost due to this eye condition.


  • Surgery

If you want to get away with the inconvenience of corrective lenses and contact lens, surgery might be the right option. Laser bent vision is one of the most common types of surgery to correct presbyopia. This procedure is done through the utilization of laser to correct the area of the eye causing the blurriness. Over 95% of patients who have undergone laser bent vision surgery claimed that the surgery made enable them to read normal size newspaper.


Although there is no one best way to prevent this eye condition as it is brought upon by aging, taking care of your vision and eating healthier as early as now will definitely help you in the long run. You may also contact your eye doctor for a check-up to ensure that your eye health is in check.