5 Tips to Make Your Initial Pilates Classes Fun and Healthy

Do you want to build your muscles leaner and at the same time improve core strength, flexibility, and poise? All of these bodily attributes can be acquired by doing one special kind of exercise – Pilates. Unlike other exercises such as weightlifting, Pilates is simple and comfortable to do. In Singapore, there are a lot of Pilates classes where you could enroll. So if you are planning to engage yourself for the first time in a Pilates class, here are helpful tips for beginners like you:

  1. Dress Comfortably – Just like any type of exercise, you are required to wear clothes that could make you comfortable and move and breathe freely. Clothes should allow you to stretch maximally and move your extremities and torso on a full range of motion. Wear not too tight or loose. Leggings or shorts and a sleeveless top are the perfect match.Dress comfortable and move and breathe freely for Pilates class in SG
  2. Bare Your Feet – Take off those sports footwear because in Pilates, you are required to move with bare feet. This will help in keeping you from slipping and provide you a better stance all throughout the practice.
  3. Eat Light – Avoid eating heavily an hour before the workout. You may have instead small snacks in your bag such as nuts or fruits. Eating heavy meals might cause you to feel nauseous.Avoid eating heavily an hour before the pilates classes in SG
  4. Practice Easy & Often – Short but frequent classes are better than long but seldom ones. Try to start with fifteen minutes of workout every day. With perseverance and consistency, you will surely see the results you have been looking for in no time.
  5. Advance Gradually – When you look for Pilates classes in Singapore, you will observe that the exercises advance gradually from beginner to pro. However, some beginners think that easy exercises might get a long time to develop the body built that they want, thus they exhaust themselves by doing difficult exercises. Don’t be like that. Start small. Practice only exercises that you can do with ease. It takes several weeks before you could finally make every exercise perfect. Be patient. Practice one exercise at a time. Until you can do intermediate exercises in 30 minutes without a break, that’s the time to level up.Pilates class stretching

Pilates is one of the simplest and easiest exercises which could make you a fitness buff! Aside from strength and flexibility, it also helps you to conquer your physical limitations. Start to look for Pilates classes in Singapore today. No pressure and have fun!

A Sneak Peek to Life in Singapore: 5 Great Reasons To Live There.

From its unique traditions and culture to sophisticated eyegasm tourist spots, Singapore has been undeniably one of the most sought-after countries in the world. But aside from what makes Singapore great, the living conditions are also commendable. If you are looking for a place that showcases cleanliness, health, and safety, then Singapore is inviting you for a tour! If you are trying to set foot on this amazing land, here are a few things you need to know about living in Singapore.

  1. Food is EverywhereThere are a lots of food stall for you to choose in SG but don't forget to go fitness center after you eat

What could be more glorious than seeing something you love everywhere? In Singapore, your eyes will never get tired of looking to those yummy bites in the streets. There are a lot of food stalls that offer foods that are not just handy but also healthy! They serve soups, vegetables, salads, and flavorful sauces. By just walking along the sidewalk, you will already be stuffed!

  1. They Value Health.SG people are values about their health and there are many fitness center around that can easily to find

Aside from the foods that they serve, Singapore gives priority to health. Smoking in public is strictly not allowed in Singapore. Therefore, planning to smoke in the suburbans of Singapore would be a pretty bad idea since you will surely be penalized for it. Moreover, Singaporeans are known to be health-conscious. They love to do things that will result to a good health. If you want to work out, it is pretty easy to find a fitness centre in Singapore because they are technically everywhere. A healthy physique is the main trend of the country.

  1. Safety is Not An Issue

You will never be worried for your safety and security when you are in Singapore. You can even leave your valuable anywhere in public without losing even a single dime!

  1. Clean and ClearSG is a clean and green country and their people are healthy and fitness

You will commend the Singaporeans for how meticulously clean they are! In terms of the implementation of the environment-related policies, the people are well disciplined to follow it. A single piece of bubblegum or candy wrapper has no place on the sidewalks! They are all thrown away in their proper places. The government is strict in making Singapore clean and green.

  1. Cultural Diversity Defines It.

Despite how urbanized Singapore is, it never forgets its tradition. Truly, Singapore will not be Singapore without its rich culture. The people there never run out of festivities or occasions to celebrate with each other.

Moreover, even though the entire land size of Singapore is not as gigantic as China’s, the people living in Singapore come from various origins. There are Chinese, Indians, Malays, etc. Though different, each is given the chance to be heard in the country.

So if you are looking for a place that will guarantee your safety, give you a fresh air to breathe, and an environment that values health, then Singapore is the home you are looking for!

5 Fitness Disciplines You Need To Try In Singapore

Singapore is one of the busiest cities in Asia. This so-called Lion City is filled with hardworking young professionals who are looking for various types of fitness classes they can try after work or during the weekend. Here are the top 5 fitness classes we recommend you try.


  • Muay Thai

muay-thai-sparringMuay Thai is one of today’s most popular combat sports. In fact, it is so popular that it has become a fitness routine wherein non-fighters are taught the basics of the discipline. If you attend classes for Muay Thai in Singapore, it is easy to understand the reason behind its popularity. Muay Thai is simple and effective. Mastery takes time but non-fighters can become skillful in the basic strikes even in a short period of time.


  • Tai Chi

group-of-women-performing-tai-chi-on-grassTai Chi is a form of fitness discipline that helps create lifelong wellness. The fluidity of the movements as well as its slowness help the body learn the ideal state of harmony or coordination. You could say that Tai Chi is a more relaxing form of exercise, which helps people focus, relax and clear their minds. It is also convenient because it doesn’t require special equipment.


  • Boxing

boxing-001Boxing is a total body workout that doubles as a self-defense class. For those who get bored easily on the treadmill, boxing is a great cardio routine to help improve your cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease. Its combination of footwork and punches helps you burn calories without noticing the minutes.

In boxing, you can’t kick your opponent. Boxing footwork is good but if you want a combat sports that involves kicking, you can attend classes for Muay Thai in Singapore instead.


  • Barre

140408_barestudio_dmandelberg_05_858v3-1280x8541-790x526Barre is a combination of yoga, ballet, strength training and Pilates. There are various types of classes that range from fundamentals to high-intensity interval training to one-on-one sessions. Think of barre as a more graceful form of a boot camp.


  • Piloxing

piloxing-2This type of exercise is a sassy combination of boxing and Pilates designed for women. The goal is to empower women into having that “sleek, sexy and powerful” self-image. Piloxing helps you lose weight, sculpt your body and lengthen your muscles.


Start A New Fitness Discipline

Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, you won’t run out of classes to try. You can also get one-on-one training sessions and learn advanced routines fast. Start your fitness journey today and attend the class of your choice.