10 Inexpensive Beauty Gift Ideas For Friends Or Colleagues This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the time where you can show how much you love and appreciate the people in your life, through spoken or written words and delightful gifts. If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of wonderful gifts that are affordable and stylish which you can find easily in Singapore. Check out these 10 great beauty gift ideas for friends or colleagues to give this Valentine’s Day, without making you go bankrupt:

  1. Natural Lip Balm

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For your friends or colleagues who are into handmade and all-natural products, a natural lip balm would surely delight them. If possible, find the one that’s vegan-friendly and that suits all skin types, is made from nourishing ingredients; such as vitamin E, olive oil, avocado, cocoa or shea butter, almond oil, fruit extracts, or coconut oil.

  1. Scented Candles In Glass Jars

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Your co-workers would definitely appreciate a scented candle that would sooth and relax them after a long hard day at work. Find the one that has your co-worker’s favorite scent, and comes in a glass jar so that she/he can reuse it for décor purposes.

  1. Beauty Bag

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Gift your BFF and co-workers a beauty bag to stash all of their makeup and beauty goodies. Get the canvas ones with printed heart patterns all over it, to show much you love them.

  1. Beauty Gift Card

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If you have no time to find a particular gift, or would rather have your besties and colleagues find their own favorite beauty products, then a beauty gift card would do the trick. You can choose how much you’d like to top-up the card, from $10 to $500 (different beauty stores have different amount of credit top-up).

  1. Hand Cream Gift Set

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Being stuck in the office for hours with cold air-conditioning would dry up your skin fast. Gift your co-workers a hand cream gift set that serves as a moisturizer, so they won’t end up with shriveled-looking hands with visible lines (and in some cases, veins). Get the ones made from natural and nourishing ingredients. Hand creams in Singapore can be bought online, if you have no time to run to the store.

  1. UV Protection Moisturizer

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Living in a tropical country like Singapore where the sun is strong requires an extra skin protection. UV rays are especially harmful to both your health and skin, so it’s wise to wear a UV protection moisturizer. Get some for your friends and colleagues to show how much you care for their well-being.

  1. Quirky-Flavored Lip Balm

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If your friends or co-workers are the goofy, playful types, you can gift them quirky flavored lip balms, such as beer, pizza, bacon, and candy cane flavored lip balm. This is guaranteed to crack them up (not the lips, though).

  1. Beauty Book

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If your friends or colleagues need a little guidance in beauty, get them a beauty guidebook for a start. Get one that also looks good on display, so they can put it on their living room shelves or coffee table.

  1. Basic Makeup Kit

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This gift is perfect for those who are not used to wearing makeup. A typical basic makeup kit contains foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, blusher, and lipstick.

  1. Basic makeup brushes kit

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Another useful products to complement the makeup kit are makeup brushes. Your friends and colleagues are better off using brushes for hygiene reasons.

To make the best of the gifts, try to find out what your friends and co-workers love and need the most. There’s no point in gifting something if the recipient doesn’t use it, which is a waste of your time and money. Some of the aforementioned gifts might be beneficial to your loved ones, so make sure that they truly need it, and not just love it.

4 Things You Need To Know About Weight Loss

Are you starting your weight loss journey? Here are some things you need to hear about weight loss first that could help you succeed in your long-term goals.

Perfection is subjective. Fitness gurus are everywhere! If you open your Instagram (IG) account and search for #fitness and #weightloss, you’ll probably discover hundreds of accounts of men and women who continuously chronicle their fitness journey. That’s cute. That’s inspiring. But if you strive to have the exact “perfect” body you see online, you’re doomed to fail. Every “body” is different and there’s a pun in there somewhere. While it’s okay to have #bodygoals, hating yourself for not looking as perfect as they are will not do you any good.


It’s not just about exercise. It’s about your diet, too! Weight loss is not just about exercise. It’s also about changing lifestyle habits, most especially you eating habits. You can’t “outrun” a bad diet. So maybe you ate fast food today. Of course, you can burn off the calories on the treadmill later. But that doesn’t mean you can eat another order of fries and burger tomorrow because, well, you’re working out. If you think this way, you’ll end up in a loop. Just like a hamster running on a wheel, you’ll never get anywhere. So what do you do? If you already have a gym membership, get a healthy diet plan in Singapore to help you meet your fitness goals. Remember, abs are also made in the kitchen.

You don’t need to spend 4 hours at the gym. Some people think that the longer you stay at the gym, the more calories you burn off. Wrong! Don’t spend an hour on the treadmill “jogging” or worse, “brisk walking.” Working on the treadmill can be as fast as 20 minutes as long as you get your heart rate up. You can do 20-minute high-intensity interval training (HITT) workout and lose just as much weight. An hour-long kickboxing training can also burn just as much. It’s about the quality of exercise that you do.a-healthy-diet-plan-going-on-by-one-hour-kickboxing-and-gym

You need to celebrate small victories. You need to constantly monitor your weight loss progress and give yourself a pat on the back for small victories. Managed to run 3 times a week without whining? Go ahead and have a cupcake on your cheat day. Completed 5 kickboxing sessions and mastered some basic moves? You deserve that steak! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Weight loss is not an overnight thing.


Start Today! Losing weight and keeping the weight off is a lifestyle change, not just commitment. The latter seems like a time-based thing. Once you reach it, you can easily slip back into old ways. Lifestyle change, on the other hand, is for life and you will definitely reap the benefits. We hope these eye-opening realizations can help motivate you in making that change today.


4 Things You Didn’t Know About Enzymes


There are super foods that are being promoted as being effective in weight loss. Acai Berry, Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones are just a few. Besides helping people lose weight, they are also being promoted for improving one’s overall good health. If you believe that certain ingredients or compounds can make you healthier and contribute to weight loss, then you may be interested to know more about digestive enzymes. Yes, digestive enzymes help with weight loss and they have been inside the human body as well as the food people consume. Read on to learn more about digestive enzymes.

  1. Your body runs on enzymes.your-body-runs-on-enzymes

First of all, enzymes are proteins that are present in the human body as well as different kinds of food. They are responsible for initiating chemical processes in different systems in the body. Like cells, they are abundant during the early years of life, but also age and decrease in number as people age. When the production of enzymes is low, the effects of aging begin to appear more rapidly and so do generative diseases. Digestive enzymes play a very important role in breaking down food and helping the body absorb essential vitamins and nutrients.

  1. Enzymes can help people lose weight.enzymes-helps-to-digest-and-loss-weight

Amylase is one of the enzymes in the human body and is a digestive enzyme that breaks down starch. Lipase, on the other hand, breaks down fats, while maltase is responsible for digesting grain starches. There’s also protease which digests proteins and cellulase which can break down different plant fibers. For digesting sugar, there’s sucrase. All these digestive enzymes help break down food more efficiently and make the body absorb the nutrients they contain. People who have fewer digestive enzymes can take supplements to increase the number of these enzymes in their system.

  1. Cooking destroys enzymes.raw-fruits-and-veggies-contain-many-different-enzymes

Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in digestive enzymes. This means that people who only eat fast food or processed foods are practically enzyme-deficient. Heat or cooking destroys these natural enzymes, as well as depletes the ones inside the body’s digestive track. When there are very little left, people experience bloating, diarrhea, gas pain and constipation. People with this problem can eat more raw fruits and vegetables, or take supplements for faster effect.

  1. Additional digestive enzymes helps with weight lossdigestive-enzymes-supplement-for-weight-loss

According medical experts, a person carries around five pounds of feces inside the digestive tract. The build-up of feces in the colon already results in weight gain, so if the bowels are eliminated regularly, a person will lose weight. Taking enzyme supplements and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables are not just good for regulating your bowel movement, it also promotes overall good health as well.

Stocking up on the good stuff means there’s little to no room for greasy and processed foods. Enzymes will only help you lose excess weight as long as you’re willing to do your share. Eat more good carbohydrates than bad ones and consume leaner cuts of meat. If you can switch to more fish and tofu in your diet, all the better.

4 Creative Team Bonding Ideas For Businesses In Singapore

It’s no secret that team-building activities are very effective in boosting workplace morale and productivity. Activities that allow office mates to interact and have fun are very helpful in breaking down barriers between employees. These activities encourage collaboration, build rapport, and nurture creativity among employees. Team-building is now an integral part of managing a business.

Here are some unique team building ideas for you to consider:


  • Room escape games. These are games that require logic, teamwork, leadership skills, and patience. The concept is quite simple . Your employees will be locked inside a room and they can only escape if they are able to solve puzzles inside the room to locate the key that will set them free. There are several establishments in Singapore that offer these games.



  • Volunteer for charity organizations or other good causes. What better way to build good relationships among your employees than to have them bond in activities that promote good causes. You could have them volunteer for a Red Cross event, bring gifts to children in hospitals, or go to an environmental clean-up drive. The choices you have are endless.



  • Scavenger hunts. The best games are the ones that exercise both the body and the mind. In a scavenger hunt, your employees will be divided into at least two groups and they are going to compete in completing a set of tasks. What’s great about this setup is that the rules and tasks are up to you. You can devise the tasks in such a way that they are relevant to the business you manage.


  • Cook-offs. You don’t have to be a chef to enjoy cooking especially in the company of people you work with. You can challenge your employees to come up with their own recipe. For example, you can instruct the teams to create their own pizza recipe and whoever wins the contest will win either a prize or an award.


When brainstorming ideas for team bonding in Singapore, you have to be creative especially if team-building are regular events in your company. You have to come up with new ideas that your employees will find interesting and fun. The ideas discussed above would be a great starting point. Singapore has a lot of locations where you can  hold these events.


Best Way to Fight Dehydration When It’s Hot Outside



Summer is considered to be the best season of the year. This is the best season to spend and enjoy quality time with your family. Doing picnic at your backyard, time to work on your skin to be tanned, and catching up with your friends to stroll around summer destinations. This is also the best time when you can check for more promos of beaches and resorts, low air fares when you want to travel locally or abroad. Summer is also the time to get fit and fab to flaunt your sexy body wearing just a two-piece bikini for women and board shorts for men while walking along the seashore watching for the sunset.

But there is also a bad side to the summer season. This is the time when you need to endure the scorching heat of the sun. You need to put on more sunblock to fight against the rage of the heat that can cause some skin diseases. The summer heat causes you to sweat more which eventually causes dehydration. Summer heat is also the main cause of sudden death like heat stroke and sudden raise of blood pressure. But there is always a smart way to beat the heat of the summer when it’s really hot outside.

One of the best ways to fight dehydration is to avoid eating too many sweets or drinking too much soda. Instead, replace them with purified or alkaline water. Another way is to increase your intake of watery fruits like pineapple, turnip, watermelon, and oranges. But if you don’t have enough budget to buy those seasoned fruits, I strongly suggest to replace them with coconut water. Yes, you read it right.


Coconut water is not just an alternative to water but an ultimate summer thirst quencher. Coconut water is also the best remedy for a hangover when you drank too much alcohol, because coconut water contains special nutrients that can help someone to urinate more to flush out unnecessary body fluids. Coconut water is also the best alternative to re-hydrate when after an extensive and hardcore workout, because it has ingredients that are more effective than any other sports and energy drink.

So, it’s about time to forget about dehydration and sweaty body this summer. You can still enjoy summer without worrying because coconut water is the ultimate solution to your summer getaway. Have fun!



HOW TO SHOP AT YOUR LOCAL STORE for Easy and Healthy Foods

If you speak to most people here in Singapore, most residents want a simpler way to do their grocery shopping. They also want their recipes to be much-less complicated and a lot healthier. Well, we are here to help. Whether you are looking for pasta or soup, these tips will help you make the most out of your money.

woman-thinking-holding-clipboardThis is probably one of the biggest mistakes many consumers make. They shop when they are hungry. Don;t do this. This will only add insult to injury. You have to create a plan for your shopping and your menu and stick with it. It’s okay to indulge with some things, but try to stick with your list.

If your plan was to buy stir-fry fresh vegetables, don’t get distracted by the deep-dried onion blossoms, unless they were already on your list to start with. Sometimes when you shop on an empty stomach, you end up making poor choices with your eating. Please try to stick with your agenda.


Convenience stores do offer something to a consumer, it’s called “convenience”. What you need to do is stick with you some more healthy choices. You might have to pay a bit extra for this, but it’s going to be worth it in the end.

Say your 5-minute recipe calls for organic pasta. It’s best to go to a whole foods store to get what you need. You will be paying more, but keeping with the recipe is more important.

Fruit_and_vegetableIt’s always best to go with a “rainbow” of colors. You have to get in your reds, greens and yellows. Look at the texture and color when you buy your fruits and vegetables. It’s best to buy when the colors are at their most vivid.

Every fruit and vegetable carries their own minerals and vitamins. There are things you can get from an apple that you can’t get from an orange or pear. Also, remember to buy during the “in-season” moments. Off-season might bring you a discount, but it also might give you some sort of bacterial infection.


It’s better to stay around the outside and front isles. Unless there is something you absolutely need in the center isles, you should stay away. This is where the junk food is at, well 90% of it lies here. The center isles can be rather deceptive. They will draw you in with the lure of something else. Once you are there, this is where the cookies, chips and other crap are. We are not saying to not include some of this stuff in your diet. It’s okay to treat yourself. However, 90% of your recipes should be filled with healthy and good food, not just junk and other substitutes.


Woman eating fresh fruit

Eating healthy doesn’t just happen instantaneously. Coming up with fast and healthy recipes doesn’t just happen either. You really do need to work at it. If you follow any one of these tips, your means will turn out really good, especially for those in a hurry.

Shop around some, until you find a place that really caters to what you need. Once you find your grocery store of choice, stick with it. Good luck everyone with their food shopping!


Purchasing Skin Care Products


Just about everyone wants beautiful looking skin, which does not show any signs of aging, but this is something that is not possible for most people. If you do want to get skin that is of this caliber, you likely are going to have to get your hands on some products that can deliver this type of skin care. When it comes to buying skin care products, everyone seems to have an opinion on what they think is best. You might have seen the ads with Cindy Crawford, which state that the only way you can get the best skin in the World is by buying the products that they sell, but this could not be further from the truth.

woman-online-sample-sale-horiz_mo9pw9There are a ton of companies and products out there that have a substantial amount of people that recommend them, so you should definitely take a look around online and figure out which products have the highest ratings, before you decide that one product is better than the other. While this might not be a perfect system, you will at least be able to take an educated guess on which items and skin care products you think are going to deliver the best results, and if they do not deliver the type of results that you are expecting, you can simply move on to another brand. You might be looking into Missha First Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, which has gotten some truly great ratings and reviews online. If you have seen this product and decided that you must get it, the best thing you can do is conduct some research. There are a lot of companies out there that will put out ratings and reviews on their own, but if you look at the reviews across the board, especially if you check out videos that other people have posted and really watch them, you should get a better idea on what products are superior.

estee_productsA lot of people try to purchase skin care products online, which truly is a great method, based on the fact that you can get products for a lot cheaper. If you are looking to get Estee Lauder in Singapore, you are going to want to make sure that Estee Lauder can ship the products that you are interested in to your location. There are some brands that will not ship to some areas of the globe, so this is something that you should look up before you try to order a product.

It can be very difficult to try to decide which products are going to work best on your skin. The reality is that each and every person has different skin and every persons skin reacts differently to different products. Because of this, you might have to test the waters with a bunch of products before you end up finding something that is going to give you the skin that you want, so keep looking, but make sure you do your research and check ratings before purchasing products online.

IT Maintenance: How Employees can Help


IT-maintenance-servicesAt most businesses, managers view different parts of the company at wholly separate; sales team members focus solely on sales, and technical parts are wholly the realm of the system integrator and other technical employees. However, such stark role separation can lead to inefficiency, and non-technical employees can go a long way toward keeping your company’s technical infrastructure running as smoothly as possible. Here are a few guidelines for helping employees do their part to help IT maintenance.
File Effective Reports 

Desktop and server problems are common, and despite how advanced modern software is, employees are likely to run into problems on occasion. One problem employees often have is accurately describing what problems they encounter. By showing employees how to take screen shots and teaching them what information to send, managers can ensure that IT professionals are able to respond as effectively as possible. Asking IT workers for examples of good problems reports can help as well.
Password Management 

One of the ways non-technical employees can hurt a company is by practicing poor security, and bad passwords are common culprits. Teaching employees the importance of good passwords can lead to improved security and reduce the likelihood of having to clean infected systems. Simply implementing a password policy can help, and there are a number of tools for testing employee passwords to find potential security holes.

An IT technician programming on a computer
Designated Liaisons 

Some people working in non-technical fields have a seemingly natural ability to identify, describe and sometimes diagnose technical problems, and giving these people a role in their part of the office can help. Too often, people who struggle with technology aren’t sure where to turn when they encounter problems, and having a liaison they know can lead to better communication. Liaisons can also help coordinate off-site maintenance. Having these people work with those providing IT services in Singapore, for example, can lead to more efficient IT maintenance.
Encourage Communication 

Employees are sometimes reluctant to ask for help for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they worry about seeming ignorant, and some don’t want to bother others. Unfortunately, this can lead to IT maintenance problems going unnoticed for extended periods of time, which can then lead to larger problems in the future. One way to improve your company’s IT operations is to make sure employees are quick to call for help or report potential problems. Doing so might take a bit of prodding, but positive encouragement can help.

Modern businesses lean heavily on IT infrastructure, and this trend in only expected to accelerate in the coming years. While it might be tempting to segregate all IT-related activities to IT professionals, making sure everyone plays a role can lead to improved efficiency and lower costs.


Rent a Room in Singapore These Five Ways

many-studio-room-for-rent-in-singapore-limited-units-58_1Renting a room in Singapore may be convenient for a number of reasons. One good reason to find a room to rent in Singapore is to avoid lengthy contracts and leases. Another excellent reason to rent a room in Singapore is to get to know new people. Thirdly, a person may want to rent a room in Singapore to start a new job and rebuild. The following are five ways that a person can find a room to rent in Singapore. The first step is of course deciding on a weekly or monthly budget. The disposable income figure (monthly income-monthly bills) can disclose the amount that the consumer can spend each month. 

maxresdefault (1)

  1. Ask Friends, Relatives and Co-workers

The first step that a Singapore room seeker should take is asking the people who are closest to him or her. Friends, relatives and co-workers often have connections to people who have rooms to rent. Such people are often generous when it comes to renting a Singapore room to a familiar person.

  1. Check the Newspapers

The newspaper is the next stop for the person who does not find a connection using the first tip. The newspapers have a classified section that includes rooms and homes for rent. The Singapore resident can search for rooms that are in the appropriate price range and call the homeowner.

A row of industrial washing machines in a public laundromat.
A row of industrial washing machines in a public laundromat.
  1. Look in the Laundromat

Sometimes people place flyers and ads for Singapore room rentals in public places like the grocery stores, gas stations and laundromats. A Singapore resident may want to take a drive or bicycle ride around town to see if someone has left one of these postings in public areas. An interested person may find a wonderful deal in the local convenience store.

  1. Search Free Online Classifieds

The Internet has quite a few free online classified sites that people use when they desire Singapore roommates. The person can conduct a short Internet search for free classifieds and then search for a room based on the locale. Free classified ads usually list the landlord’s telephone number or email address. The benefit to using free online classifies is that the room renters usually have lenient requirements. The downfall is that everyone uses the free site. That means that some bad persons might mix with the good persons. Each person is responsible for conducting the appropriate research before jumping into a room rental.

  1. Sign up for a Rooming Website

Roommate websites are showing up all over the world, including Singapore. They are professional sites that allow people to rent their rooms in Singapore to residents who need them. These sites conduct background and verification checks on the renters and the landlords so that no one experiences hardship. The sites usually keep credit cards on file for easy payments from renters to the landlords.

A Singapore resident should be able to locate a room through the above mentioned means. The person should have no problem room for rent in Singapore within the desire price range.