Care for Your Eyes

Our sense of sight is one of the most important aspects of our survival. Being one of the most used senses of our body, our eyes are among the organs that can be most stressed due to our daily routines like studying in school or working in our office. In Singapore and other developed societies, eye problems are on the rise because of the modern lifestyle and work routines. Because of this, it is very important that we not only care for it but protect it from the complications that might arise in the future. Here are 4 easy ways on how we can prevent future complications and care for our eyes:

  1. Eat Right As always with any medical care and condition, it is always of significance to eat right. Eye conditions related to age like cataracts and macular degeneration can be prevented by eating a balanced diet that should be mostly composed of green leafy vegetables for zeaxanthin and lutein, sardines, tuna and salmon for Omega 3 acids, and some non-meat protein sources like rice, nuts, and soy.

Freshly harvested collection of organic fruits as background. Close up of many colorful fruits on market stand. Big assortment of organic fruits on market


  1. Wear Sunglasses When Necessary Sunglasses protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays that the sun gives out. Choose a suitable pair for your eyes as different types offer different kinds of protections. For example, studies show that UV light goes around the lenses so it would be of help to wear the wraparound styled ones. Some sunglasses are impact-resistant, photochromic, and polarized. Choose one that you are comfortable with and make sure it is properly made.

Wear Sunglasses


  1. Use Eyewear in the Workplace If you are working in an environment that requires strenuous physical activity like construction, field work, or even basketball and any other sport, it is always advised that you use proper eyewear to protect your sight. Same goes for those who are working in an office or at home. Doctor-prescribed eyewear is of utmost importance so that you won’t strain or fully injure your eyes because of the nature of your work.

Use Eyewear in the Workplace


  1. Consult Your Eye Doctor Most importantly, we should pay our doctor a regular visit so we will know more about the condition of our eyes. They are the experts in the field so their professional advice and guidance would always be crucial on how we use and care for our eyes.

Consult Your Eye Doctor Most importantly


These are the simplest and most effective ways to guarantee the safety of our eyes. If you are still without a doctor, you can always contact an eye center in Singapore to make sure you are in fully capable hands. Remember, caring for your eyes is the only way to ensure you see a brighter tomorrow.