Gone are the days when people’s only options in helping clear their vision are through corrective glasses and contact lenses. Today, they may also opt to undergo an Epilasik eye surgery.

Epilasik eye surgery is one of the vision correcting procedures which is very common in Singapore. It is closely similar to the popular LASIK surgery although Epilasik is recommended for certain patients.







The difference between Epilasik and Lasik procedure


Compared to LASIK procedure, Epilasik does not include the use of sharp objects to produce a flap. It is a simpler way of correcting issues with the cornea causing blurriness of the eyes, through an excimer laser. Since Epilasik does not touch the cornea, it has become a greater option for patients who have a thinner cornea to begin with. Thus, it ensures elimination of any occurrence of flap problem which may happen during a LASIK procedure.

One of the factors which might lead surgeons to send their patients to undergo Epilasik is thinner or misshapen cornea. It may also be recommended for patients who have jobs or hobbies with a high chance of getting hit in the eye such as boxers and police officers.







What to expect after the Epilasik procedure?


After Epilasik, vision is expected to recover within three days. For some patients, at least six months of recovery for full result to occur. Discomfort and pain right after the procedure may be expected. However, this could be addressed by taking prescribed or OTC painkillers.

Similar to many eye surgery procedures, patients are expected to carefully observe and follow all the instructions of the administering surgeon. The healing of the cornea largely depends on the overall result of the surgery. Eye drops and other medication will be prescribed and regular check-ups will be scheduled.







Price Difference


Although both Lasik and Epilasik procedures promise a better vision, they have quite a slight price difference. The price of Lasik in Singapore is around $3,600 to $4,000 including the surgeon’s evaluation and actual surgery. On the other hand, an Epilasik costs around $3,000 to $4,000. However, the package may also be applied to one problematic eye at about $1,500.

For patients with blurred eyes, it is highly advisable to schedule a check-up with an expert surgeon for proper evaluation and recommendation. This would also help them which eye procedure is the best fit. If you’re interested, contact an eye surgeon in Singapore to begin your eye evaluation.