A dinner party is s a great way to get your friends and family together to catch up current events, or just talk about the old days. Trying to feed a lot of people can be expensive though. So, to help, here are some great ideas on how to keep things more affordable.

Keep it Simple 

A relaxing, enjoyable environment is more important than trying to serve an elaborate meal with several courses. Simple meals cost less and take less time to prepare, which means you can have more time to spend with your guests. Instead of the full main course, try sticking to several trays of appetizers such as fresh fruit, cheese, crackers, and good wine. These items can all be purchased online ahead of time. Buy chips in Singapore a week in advance. Wine delivery in Singapore doesn’t take long at all. Order an extra couple of bottles of it to be sure that you have enough.

Get Help With the Cost 

Instead of trying to cover the cost of all of the food, ask for a little help. Offer to serve the main dish and drinks, but request that your guests bring their favourite side dish, and several copies of the recipe for it, to the party with them. The menu will be more varied this way, and the guests will love sharing the recipes with each other. If possible, try to coordinate the dishes that the guests are going to bring with them ahead of time.

Decorate on a Dime 

A few simple items that are carefully placed can create a pretty dining atmosphere that your guests will love. To keep your costs down, spread your table with a colourful cloth that you already have around the house. Then, divide an inexpensive store bought bouquet up in to three or four smaller vases. Set them out in a row along the table. If you have a garden, you can pick flowers instead. Add a handful of lit tea light candles next to the vases. Depending on the occasion, you can also set out a few other decorations such as pretty seashells or glass pebbles. Table arrangements like this work much better because it is difficult to talk to someone across the table if a giant bouquet of flowers is blocking the view, and the more your guests talk, the happier they will be.

When the day of your party comes, don’t forget to take a little time to relax before your guests come. Pamper yourself a little before they get there. A relaxed, happy hostess sets the mood for the entire party.