One country where personal appearance and good grooming is top-of-mind is Singapore. The market for beauty care products has reached unprecedented proportions, particularly in the younger consumer segment. Interestingly too, hair care is a primary concern. According to a recent study by IndustryARC, a research and consulting firm, the hair care product market is projected to balloon to S$49.3 Million by 2020.

The repeated hair dyeing, perming, and rebonding of this trendy cluster may result in hair damage, in addition to the exposure to the sweltering weather. That is the reason why spending for hair scalp treatment in Singapore and other hair treatments remain high. If you are troubled by hair loss or balding, thinning or graying, and other hair-raising concerns, perhaps it would be sensible to join the bandwagon before your hair problem aggravates.


  1. SCALP TREATMENT / For Hair Loss, Damaged Hair, and Dandruffclose up of woman on resort getting head spa treatment

Scalp treatment is the ideal solution to correct these situations. Aside from its soothing and relaxing feeling, this treatment work wonders. Massaging the scalp stimulates blood flow for the nutrients to penetrate deep into your scalp. The treatment results in deeply nourished hair.


Sun exposure, harsh chemicals, and improper hair care combine to weaken your hair. The elements snuff the freshness out of your hair. Since your hair is constructed of protein, a protein conditioning treatment is suitable to remedy the situation. It is intended to bring back moisture and toughen your hair follicles.

  1. KERATIN TREATMENT / For Weak and Brittle HairGo for Keratin treatment and hair scalp treatment to treat your hair problem

Hair experts perform Keratin treatment for easy-to-break hair. It locks in protein for the hair strands to absorb while simultaneously repairing your damaged hair. Not only does this treatment result in healthy-looking hair, but it can also last for three months. Your hair becomes resistant to impairment.

  1. HAIR LOSS TREATMENT / Specific For Hair Loss

A Hair loss treatment is dedicated to contain and prevent hair loss. In essence, this procedure targets the impurities that spoil hair growth. It cleanses your hair and scalp thoroughly. When the impurities are gone, the regeneration of your hair follicles occurs. The focused treatment will stimulate hair growth.

  1. HOT OIL MASSAGE TREATMENT / For All Types of HairHot oil massage treatment suitable for all types of hair problem

You can pamper yourself with this DIY treatment and save on visits to your regular beauty salon. This process is intended to vastly improve blood circulation to your scalp. For lubrication, you also have the flexibility to use your favorite essentials oils. Since the treatment applies to any type of hair, your chosen oil can be mixed with herbs for various purposes: moisturizing, clarifying, strengthening, stimulating hair growth and even boosting hair color.

The younger but affluent populace in Singapore is a fashionable bunch. Changing hairstyles and experimenting with new looks is nothing out of the ordinary in recent times. Investing in hair care products as well as hair treatments is a necessity for the beauty conscious. Well-known companies are quick to capitalize on the dynamic trend happening this side of the world. Also, the proliferation of natural and organic beauty care products tend to show how discerning the users have become. For as long as the products are unique and do wonder to enhance the image, then you got it made.