Singapore is a world center of commerce, so it’s only natural that the country hosts many exciting events. Whether you are planning to attend a large international meeting or have a huge personal one, such as a wedding or birthday celebration coming in Singapore, you want to look your best on the big day.

Wearing your best clothes and getting a haircut probably won’t cut it. You’ll need more preparation. Here are six great ways to look your best on the day of your next big event in Singapore.


  1. Get Several Nights of Good Sleep

Like most people, you probably sleep less than you should, and that takes a toll on your skin and especially your eyes. Before your big event, try to get more than six hours of sleep for three consecutive nights, and you will appear rested with no dark circles and reduced baggy eyes.


  1. Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells

From head to toe, you need to remove the dead skin cells that make your skin appear dull and discolored. A good exfoliating scrub used at least 48 hours before your event and up to the big day will remove dead cells and help to make your skin glow. You should be careful not to scrub too hard, though, since it may leave your skin scratched or reddish in color.


  1. Make Your Hair Look Full and Glowy

The day of your big event, you can have your hair look its absolute best by using a volumizing shampoo to give more body to your hair. A deeply conditioning hair mask will add shine and make your hair glow. Finish with a blow dryer after letting your hair dry naturally for about five minutes, and your hair will look fantastic.


  1. Get a Spa and Facial Treatment

Another great way to ensure you look your best is to take a trip to a spa and book a facial treatment in Singapore. You’ll detoxify your body, cleanse the pores on your face and elsewhere, and exfoliate dead skin cells. Doing so that day before your big event is a great way to relax beforehand, while also looking your best on the big day.

Get a Spa and Facial Treatment


  1. Make Your Nails Shine

One of the best ways to shine during a big event is to get a manicure that makes your nails pop. Whether you prefer a shiny natural look or painted nails, a manicure will ensure your nails are in perfect condition, and sparkle when it’s time for the big event.

Make Your Nails Shine


  1. Detoxify and Feel Great

Your daily diet likely includes many foods that cause bloating and add weight. You can detoxify and slim down by just modifying your diet at least a week before your event. You need to get rid of any junk food, drink lots of water, and eat a more healthful diet.


Looking your best on the day of a big event takes preparation, but it doesn’t have to take a lot of money. The six suggestions listed will help you to look and feel fabulous on your big day, so your confidence will shine from within.