Today, it is easy and affordable to own a website. However, to maintain the website and boost your credibility, web hosting cannot be overlooked. There are currently four types of web hosting including Virtual Private Server, Shared, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated. While either will act as a website storage centre, the amount of control, storage capacity, technical requirements, IT support, and reliability differ. In the following write-up, get enlightened on web hosting selection.
Uptime Guarantee and Reliability 
Uptime is the period in which your website runs on the web. It means that during this time your site can get visits without experiencing network or server issues. Every company wants their preferred web host to offer a 100% guarantee given that the more the website runs efficiently and stays up the more money is made. However, this concept does not hold true. Somehow, issues will arise such as software and hardware defects, virus attacks and more, and the website will need some sought of occasional reboot. It means that your website cannot stay up every second. This is not to mean that you should settle for a 50% or a 60% uptime guarantee. You need at least 99.9% guarantee not 90% meaning your site could be down for several seconds or a few minutes in some months (not every month). The uptime guarantee details should appear somewhere on their homepage.
Data Transfer 
Also known as bandwidth or traffic, data transfer is the amount of bytes transferred to your visitors from your site as they browse. When you come across a web host advertising unlimited bandwidth, think again. Bandwidth has to be paid for. It means that if your site consumes too much of it, the host may not bear the cost. Most high bandwidth websites have learned this the hard way by receiving an extortionate bill for exceeding the “unlimited bandwidth”. Before jumping ship, find out about the traffic the package allows. Most sites that don’t contain videos consume less bandwidth each month. However, stay clear of the policy just in case you exceed the limits. Find out if the charge is set according to the actual usage or you are expected to cover any overage. Keep off hosts that expect you to cover overages given that it can be hard to predict an exceeded bandwidth.
IT Support
Be sure that the technical detail operates 24/7 365. An IT Staff that does not operate during the weekends and holidays is bad news for you. Simply because your preferred host advertises that they operate 24/7 does not mean that kind of support exists. Take a test drive and email the company after midnight especially over the weekend, or give them a call. How long do they take to respond? What support channels do they have? Do they have the basics such as live chat, telephone, email, and forums? Data recovery in Singapore is important. Losing valuable data can cripple any business and result to loss of revenue and traffic. The technical support must, therefore, be highly qualified to retrieve your data in a variety of circumstances.


Be Clear On Your Requirements
When choosing a web host for an existing site or a new one, be clear on what you need. This is a sure way of ensuring you get the perfect host. Ask yourself the following:
1. What platform do you use? Are there certain platforms that power your site such as WordPress?
2. What do you publish? Will there be many high-resolution images and videos or do you plan to develop a plain text site?
3. Do you have a projected growth in terms of viewership for the foreseeable future?
4. Will you need servers in a particular location based on your target audience?

Choosing the right web host can be daunting and can be as simple as you make it. The rule of thumb, however, is to get your foot forward before it’s an emergency. Once you notice mediocrity with your existing host, get another host in due time.