Image result for Easy Tips For Hosting A Fun, Stress-Free Game Night With FriendsAre you planning a get-together with your close friends soon? Host a fun game night for a fun and stress-free evening. Follow these five easy tips for a memorable, quality time with your friends:

  1. Keep it small. Keep your group small by having only 3-6 people over for convenience, especially if you have a small space. Have everyone seated around the dining table. Alternatively, you can seat your guests on the floor and throw some cushions to sit around the coffee table, if there’s not enough seating for everyone.
  2. Potluck it. Keep it simple and skip cooking by asking your guests to bring different food for appetizers, dinner and desserts. As a host, you should take charge of the ‘main course’ by ordering takeout in advance. For a vibrant game night, have an endless supply of beer for every game round. Check out the good quality beer delivery in Singapore to have the booze delivered right at your doorstep. It’s best to place your order in advance so the drinks and food will arrive just in time for game night. Make sure everyone agrees on the chosen food and drink before you place the order.
  3. Set a theme. Make it more fun by setting a theme for your game night based on the games you’ll be playing. For example, if you’ll be playing murder mystery games, set the mood by dimming the lights throughout your place and make every room messy. If you’ll be playing magic-based games, decorate your place with brooms, cauldrons, candles or old books. You and your friends can also dress up if the games require you to be in character.
  4. Allocate a time for dinner. Allocate a time to have dinner before you proceed to play the games all night long. For appetizers and desserts, you can keep them on a side table so those who’d like to have a snack or drink could easily have them during the game.Image result for Allocate a time for dinner at house
  5. Have your guests bring their favorite games. Though a theme might be set for your game night, try to be flexible and play a variety of games that cater to everyone’s interest. Have your guests bring their favorite card or board games that everyone has agreed on in advance. Make sure everyone knows how to play them.

Try to plan in advance so you’ll have enough time to consider what food, drink and games to bring. Make sure everyone RSVP, so game night will go smoothly according to plan. By following these tips, you’ll have a stress-free and fun game night!