Image result for Treating PresbyopiaAs you age, your eyes gradually lose their ability to focus clearly on very close objects. For instance, you may experience a blurred vision when you’re reading a book or looking at a computer screen. This condition is called presbyopia and it can affect anyone. Even people who have no history of vision problems can acquire the condition as early as in their 30s. There are three main ways of treating presbyopia – eyeglasses, contact lenses, and Lasik surgery. Many doctors would suggest surgery because the results are more permanent.

Here are four good reasons why going through Lasik surgery is worth considering:

1) You get more permanent results. The procedure involves reshaping the corneas in your eyes. After the procedure, there’s no need for you to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. As long as the shape of your corneas stay intact, you will have a normal vision.

2) The surgery will take just a few minutes and it’s not too invasive. It’s associated with minimal pain since the ophthalmologist only uses laser light to reshape your eye’s cornea. The results are also immediate. Your vision will turn to normal just a day after the surgery.

3) The procedure has a very high success rate. Most surveys show that at least 92% of people who undergo Lasik surgery get the results they want. Most of these patients also report that they never needed further corrective surgery after going through the procedure.

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4) It’s safe. Naturally, there are always risks involved but overall, Lasik surgery has proven itself to be effective with very little side effects. Most of these side effects are associated with minor complications like swelling or drying of the eyes.

The surgery you go through is only as good as the doctor or clinic who administers it. With that said, make sure that you visit an eye centre that’s managed by licensed and experienced eye doctors. Furthermore, the clinic must have the appropriate equipment for Lasik surgeries.