If a bit of twisting spiciness and a touch of herbal cleansing is to be put in mind, India’s world class cuisine is nearly incontestable in preparing the best set of pungent, tangy vegetarian dishes, mouth-watering sauces and curries, and other Indian delicacies the world had not yet been introduced. Fortunately, the following list thoroughly enumerates the nearly endless capabilities of Indian cuisine, and how some of its heritage and stories are worth appreciation.


Best Indian Food in Singapore 01 Annalakshmi

Modelled as the perfect example of a restaurant weighing value for customers over profit, and one of the best vegetarian and Indian food located in Singapore, Annalakshmi not only won a lot of hearts by its high end cooking style and sensational service, but also with their passionate dedication in putting excessive efforts in completing an exquisite dining experience. 

Some features of Annalakshmi, which distinguishes it from other Indian and all restaurants, in general, are its “Eat as you want, give as you feel” principle, unfixing food prices, be it a penny or a grand; and the unstructured system, where marketing strategy, supervisions, and daily reports are non-existing. Evidently, by the way they run the restaurant comes dishes dazzling with elegance, including Paruppu Rasam, Drumstick Sambar, and Long Beans Thoran.

Address: 20 Havelock Rd, #01-04 Central Square, Singapore 059765

Phone: +65 6339 9993

Opening Hours:

11:30am–2:30pm, 6:00pm–9:00pm (Tuesday to Sunday),

11:30am–2:30pm (Sunday)


02 MTR

Marking it as the first outpost of the 90-year south Indian heritage restaurant in Singapore, MRT offers some of India’s best vegetarian dishes in the country, reflecting to the authentic flavours available at its locality over the course of nearly a century, which selected from carefully picked sources of prime and fresh ingredients, free of any artificial enhancers, MSG, preservatives, or additives, ranging from India as well as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Also a crawling place of skilful and committed group of chefs and staff, it also prepares with brisk hygiene and dedication, which earned it a place as the No.1 reviewed south Indian vegetarian restaurant in Asia. With the signature dishes Pudi Masala Dosa, fluffy pancake with spicy chutney and ghee; the Pudi Idly, flavoured with spicy chutney pudi, ghee, and coriander; and the Bonda Soup, vada soaked in a traditional tomato and lentil soup.

Address: 438 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218133

Phone: +65 6296 5800

Opening Hours: 8:30am–3:30pm, 5:30–10:00pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

Samy’s Curry Restaurant

Best Indian Food in Singapore 03 Samy's Curry Restaurant

Run by a family that roots for the excellence and impetuous drive of Mr. Veerasamy, who started his great, but humble, pieces of cuisine art as a hobby, which turned into a brand that fills foreign appetite by introducing the greatest Indian food qualities in Singapore, Samy’s Curry is now one of the country’s best Indian restaurants. 

Prior to the present outburst of reputation that had been accumulated through many years of quality food service by the restaurant, Mr. Veerasamy cooks for neighbours and Indian merchants in Singapore, to whom priceless praises and positive feedbacks are constantly being heard, which solidified the establishment of the renowned Samy’s Curry Restaurant. Their mains menu are halved into South, some of which includes the Black Squid, Curry Mutton, and Briyani Rice; and North Indian, composing of Tandoori Prawn, Chickpeas Paneer, and Fish Tikka. Together with drinks inclusive of Rose Syrup, Bundung, and Mango Lassi.

Address: Blk 25 Dempsey Road Singapore 249670

Phone: +65 6472 2080

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – 10:00pm (Wednesday to Monday),

CLOSED (Tuesday)

Shahi Maharani

04 Shahi Maharani

People of royal-like fondness of exquisiteness, obviously, only dine on the most luxurious and extravagant restaurants, with blinding dazzles of platters, richly lighted interiors, and a casual blend of music behind the inviting dishes, touching such features with great complements. Luckily, Shahi Maharani is built just for such splendour. With its sophisticatedly architected style, filled with royal experiences, and exclusivity fit for every huge occasion and individual craving for pleasures, Shahi Maharani is a refuge for those lacking superb indulgence. 

And through this, comes demanding use of premium ingredients, making it one of the best North Indian food in Singapore. Including the grilled chicken tikka, fish tikka, and lahsuni jheenga Tandoori Milawat; Goa Fish Head Curry, cooked in curry with tamarind, tomatoes, and spices; and the sizzling vegetable kebabs Sabsi Sizzler, coated in thick and crunchy gravy. And a couple of vegetable selection Bhindi Masala, Baingan Burtha, and Vegetable Jaipuri.

Address: 252 North Bridge Road #03–21B Raffles City Shopping Centre Singapore 179103

Phone: +65 6235 8840

Opening Hours: 12:00nn–2:30pm, 6:30pm–10:30pm (Daily)

Komala Vilas

Best Indian Food in Singapore 05 Komala Vilas

A genuine embodiment of the Indian vegetarian culture, Komala Vilas remains one of the few restaurants that stands strongly in today’s time all the way back from its establishment multiple decades ago. And with time and experience, it grew into one of the highly regarded Indian restaurants in Singapore, which offers healthy and nutritious dishes in a setting customers are forced to relax, and in a way Indian culture is emphasised greatly, by using banana leaves to serve South Indian food. 

As typical as other Indian restaurants, its selection of dishes are parted in two different roots: the North and South Indian cuisine, with both differentiated generally. Under its selection of dishes includes the highly enriched Andrha Meal, rice meal with paruppu podi, gongura chutney, and ghee; the saffron rice Vegetable Briyani, with vegetable curry, kuruma, and pickle; and the Dosai Meal, served with sambar, chutney, and kulambu.

Address: 76-78 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 217981

Phone: +65 6293 6980

Opening Hours: 7:00am–10:30pm (Daily)


06 Jaggi's

Despite cramming all the goodness of Indian cuisine varieties into its small worktop, which most customers find a little below its inner quality, Jaggi’s still inaugurated indisputable fame across street talks and social media platforms as one of the best Indian food in Singapore. Currently, there are over 5 outlets of Jaggi’s across Singapore, resonating the legacy and retaining the strong virtues initialised by its founder, Mr. Singh, a former SAF, 29 years ago.

Though it reaches significant height at its prime, Jaggi’s never lost its homely vibe, which puts customers at ease, in the first place. Then, proceeding with its highlighting menus, which are mostly vegetarian, includes the Aloo Gobi, Channa Masala/Curry, and Matter Paneer. Together with their non-vegetable selection of Fish Sambal, Reshmi Kebabs, and Mutton Curry/Masala, which complements and completes one of the enduring Indian restaurant experiences in Singapore.

Address: 37/39 Chander Rd, Singapore 218553

Phone: +65 6296 6141

Opening Hours: 11:00am–10:30pm (Daily)


Best Indian Food in Singapore 07 KHANSAMA TANDOORI RESTAURANT

Operating at the core of India’s little outlet in Singapore, which is usually crawling with crowds and people, Khansama Tandoori, amidst all the chaos, still serves as the most fortunate things that had happened in this little town, and to the whole Singapore, making it among the country’s best Indian food. With its fascinating Indian sauces, an explosion of vegetarian preferences, and valuable flavours just under its sleeves, customers find no reason not to visit here every now and then, if not everyday. 

Together with its selection of even more fascinating meat curation, inclusive of Achari Tikka, boneless marinated tender chicken with rare spices, lime juice, and Indian pickle; the tender cubes Saag Mutton, cooked in spinach, ginger, and garlic; and the heavily spiced Garlic Prawns, cooked in medium spicy gravy. While the Prawn Jhalfrezy Indo-Chinese Fusion, Bharwan Mirch, and Thinka Kebab are greatly preferred vegetarian options.

Address: 166 Serangoon Road Junction of, Norris Rd, Singapore 218050

Phone: +65 6299 0300

Opening Hours: 10:00am–1:00am (Daily)

Kailash Parbat Restaurant

08 Kailash Parbat Restaurant

Nothing beats Kailash Parbat’s inner design and orientation, as well as its endless menu, yet, if you look closely within it and disregard all the positive commotion going around, you will see a number of items worth trying, and unforgettable once you finish gobbling it all up. Besides, Kailash Parbat is not only famed for being one of the best Indian restaurants in Singapore, but also as a multi-cuisine eating spot favourite. 

Your fondness of spicy delicacies can be satiated, as well, for Kailash Parbat never shy away from pouring in an extra puff or two of the signature prime spices unto its exceptional and delicate dishes. A couple dishes you shouldn’t get pass by while staying in this chaotically beautiful place are the Tandoor Platter, combination of raw smoked vegetables and aromatic spices; the Ragda Pattice, potato patties served with thick lentil gravy; and the Pav Bhaji.

Address: 3 Belilios Rd, #01-03 Hilton Garden Inn, Singapore 219924

Phone: +65 6836 5545

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:30pm (Daily)


Best Indian Food in Singapore 09 MUTHU'S CURRY RESTAURANT

A fundamental entities within its vicinity, declaring itself as among the first and earliest to develop the presently renowned Fish Head Curry, safeguarding a family recipe that is being held for a very long time, Muthu’s Curry Restaurant outside this debate is outstanding on its own brand included in Singapore’s pillars of best Indian food and an awardee of Michelin Bib Gourmand for two straight years, captivating both locals and tourists. 

Together with other varieties of South and North Indian dishes, consisting of chicken, mutton, seafood and vegetables, which are equally mesmerising at their own rights. A couple choices available on its meat selection includes the stir fried boneless chicken Muthu’s Chicken Chukka Varuval with their chef’s spicy chilli paste; the Prawn Chukka Varuval, cooked with onions and dry chillies; and the unforgettable Fish Head Curry, with juicy okra and pineapple chunks in rich gravy blend of aromatic spices.

Address: 138 Race Course Rd, #01-01, Singapore 218591

Phone: +65 6392 1722

Opening Hours: 10:30am–10:30pm (Daily)

Kebabs & Curries

10 Kebabs & Curries

Located atop the rooftop of Mustafa Centre, towering the ground bustles of Syed Alwi Road, assuring customers to have a relaxing spot over the chaos below and a beautiful view of the horizon ahead, Kebab and Curries, despite its reputation as one of the few restaurants which serves the best Indian food in Singapore, is an eating spot of complete humility, and, by saying this, Kebabs and Curries does not suppose its diners and customers in wearing formal attires or any dress code appropriate to its concept, adding to the welcoming features of it. 

When it comes to the flavours of the food, Kebabs and Curries is as competitive and ferocious as its other high end Indian restaurant adversaries, by serving mutton, seafood, and chicken curries, as well as biryani and Pakistani delight. Some of which are the Mutton Mysore, Chettinadu Flowers Crab Masala, and Murgh Harvali Saag.

Address: 171 Syed Alwi Rd, #07-00 Mustafa Centre, Singapore 207704

Phone: +65 6419 0749

Opening Hours: 11:00am–1:00am (Daily)

And that ends the list of some of the wildly prominent Indian restaurants in Singapore, which offers different cores and concepts of fine dining experience, with each showcasing even more comprehensive set of cooking mastery, exceptional service, experience, and other spectacular features rarely seen in everyday life. And it’s about time for you to experience them first hand. Happy eating!