At first glance, vegetarian food is boring and less exciting than meat dishes. However, due to such perceptions, vegetarian dishes are surprisingly as good as, if not better, their counterpart. In fact, vegan burgers, steaks, and other meat dish mockeries are gaining prominence over time, especially when there are cultures and a score of dedicated people around the world that makes them in a lovable fashion. 

Additionally, nutritional benefits are ubiquitous among vegetarian dishes, making them even more tempting. As such, the following narrowed list of restaurants are among the greatest in Singapore when serving these kinds of delicacies.


Best Vegetarian Food in Singapore 01 Annalakshmi

Who wouldn’t think of Annalakshmi to be among the best vegetarian food in Singapore, if not the best, with its unchallengeable passion in its respective field and an example of authentic Indian-vegetarian eating spot. However, the features of Annalakshmi that made it unique against all other vegetarian restaurants out there is its “Eat as you want, give as you feel” principle, unfixing prices for its items, which can be paid by any amount. And some may mistake it to be serving cheap dishes and substandard settings, yet almost all of them are proven wrong. For, Annalakshmi doesn’t operate solely to generate income and money, but to provide service and assistance to the people fuelled by the power of their passion and dedication. And with their Indian influence they specialise in making Indian vegetarian cuisine, some of which are the Briyana, Cauliflower Stew, and the dried and spiced potato.

Address: 20 Havelock Rd, #01-04 Central Square, Singapore 059765

Phone: +65 6339 9993

Opening Hours: 11:30am–2:30pm, 6:00pm–9:00pm (Tuesday to Sunday),

11:30am–2:30pm (Monday)

Joie Restaurant by DOZO

Best Vegetarian Food in Singapore 02 Joie Restaurant by DOZO

An infusion of both Japanese and European meatless cuisine, and also adapting the meticulous and innovative preparation of the freshest vegetables, fruits, and herbs, Joie Restaurant by Dozo forces itself a place between the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, situated above the scuttling thickness of people below the Orchard shopping district. Its inner design and style are what accentuates the restaurant’s flavoursome dishes, with fine woodworks, and amicable lighting, it ensures you get both the elegance of European designs and architecture, the hospitality of Taiwanese service, and the vegetarian goodness of both cuisines. 

Behind its international group of chefs, working together in developing such aesthetics and concepts, you can expect no less than a world class experience of fine dining. Some of their dishes includes the Truffle Risotto, with black truffle and edamame;Wild Rice and Eggplant Terrine, with pine nuts and baby carrot; and the Lime Tofu Emulsion.

Address: 181 Orchard Rd, #12 – 01, Singapore 238896

Phone: +65 6838 6966 

Opening Hours: 12:00nn–2:00pm, 6:00pm–9:00pm (Daily)

Herbivore Zen

02 Herbivore Zen

Herbivore’s menu is specially crafted to supply a good sort of choices using the best and the most organic ingredients. Started by Mr. Ho, a vegetarian himself for quite 23 years, has been actively creating new dining choices which can attract more vegetarian and non-vegetarians to enjoy vegetarian cuisines. 

Having the vision to make the primary vegetarian restaurant in Singapore, prompting Mr Ho CS and therefore the Japanese Chef Mr Yasui Masa to make Zen Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant in March 2010. Feel free to flick through our mouth-watering photos, before experiencing the unforgettable dining at Herbivore Zen. Their menu are composed of brilliant choices of mock chicken, pork, and other meat. They also serve a bunch of seafood options.

Address: 190 Middle Rd, #01-13/14 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979

Phone: +65 6333 1612

Opening Hours: 11:30am–3:00pm, 5:00pm–9:30pm (Monday to Friday),

11:30am–9:30pm (Saturday and Sunday)


04 Veganburg

Serving vegetarian burgers which flavours tastes identical to the casual burger, if not better, that comes in many varieties, Veganburg relives the vegetarian diet unlike any other before it, attracting a great number of followers, including Paul McCartney, Chrissie Hynde, and Belinda Carlisle, that is now being offered in Singapore. 

What reputed Veganburg the most is, just as what other vegan restaurants had been patted for, the nutritional value that is composed within the dishes and burgers they serve, but, also, for the groundbreaking concept of converting meat burger into a vegetarian one, and still retaining aesthetics and flavours, making it one of the best vegetarian food in Singapore as well as among the best burgers served. This is the burger of the generation. Some of the best choices on its menu of burgers are the spicy Chili Krab, the Avocado Beetroot, the Creamy Shrooms, and the Cracked Mayo.

Address: 44 Jln Eunos, Singapore 419502

Phone: +65 6844 6868

Opening Hours: 11:30am–9:30pm (Daily)

Whole Earth

Best Vegetarian Food in Singapore 05 Whole Earth

Guided by the splendour of authentic Peranakan cuisine, a hub of ceaseless experimentation, and the only vegetarian restaurant to be awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand for four consecutive years, Whole Earth deserves more recognition than what it currently get, with utilising only the freshest of ingredients, consistent culinary mastery, and a steadfast advocacy in supplying healthy and nourishing food for the people, it is probably among Singapore’s best vegetarian restaurant. 

A couple of their timeless favourites includes the Enchanted Forest, succulent monkey head mushroom and fresh broccoli, harmonised by the special angelica root sauce and wolf berries; the signature shiitake mushroom dish Pendang Rendang, marinated with Peranakan herbs and spices; and the bestseller Sambal King, a scrumptious melange of eggplant, lady’s finger, long bean, petai bean. As well as the non-oily Chinese Teochew Olive Rice, the Handmade Yam Treasure Ring, and XO Rice with XO sauce.

Address: 76 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079331

Phone: +65 6221 6583

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 5:30pm – 10:00pm (Daily)

The Boneless Kitchen

06 The Boneless Kitchen

Importing fresh ingredients directly from Korea, handcrafted sauces tweaked to bring out the best of their tastes, and passionate by the love of meatless cuisine, The Boneless Kitchen offers some of the finest Korean flavours in Singapore, guided by the elegance and exoticness of Korean cuisine itself. It is also a succeeding sister restaurant of Daehwa, an equally satisfying restaurant. With the elimination of alliums, alcohol, meat or seafood broth, and fish sauces, it is genuinely a 100% vegetarian experience, although there are also a couple of eggs and dairy, which are always optional. 

Most of their dishes are stews, noodles, and rice, together with an array of hotpot choices. A couple of their options includes the Doenjang Jigae, composing of soybean pasted stew, enoki, tofu, and shiitake; Jajangmyeon, black soy bean paste noodle, along with potato, radish, and Japanese cucumber; and the Kimchi Bokkeumbap, kimchi fried rice.

Address: 1 Irving Place #01-31, The Commerze@Irving, Singapore 369546

Phone: +65 8457 6464

Opening Hours: 12:00nn to 9:00pm (Daily)


Best Vegetarian Food in Singapore 07 NomVnom

Looking to form a sustainable world through the welfare of animals and promoting a bond between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, NomVnom, aside from this, creates exceptionally delicious dishes with a bunch of choices for burgers, and pizzas, that will satiate everyone of different walks of life. And by furthering their stance for global sustainability, discourages the use of artificial flavouring, preservatives, and colouring, ensuring its customers an authentic eating experience. 

With over 20 choices of burger, it is nearly inevitable for you to be overwhelmed, fortunately, here’s some of the choices which might suit your palate: the Tempeh Rendang, marinated tempeh patty with toon rendang curry; the Non Nom Rendang, crunchy soy patty with toon rendang curry; and the Lion’s Mane Truffle, lion’s mane mushroom patty with sauteéd white button mushroom and truffle mayo. As well as a pizza selection of vegetarian pizzas and soups.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-105/106/107, Singapore 059817

Phone: +65 6224 4996

Opening Hours: 11:30am–9:00pm (Monday to Thursday, Sunday),

11:30am–10:00pm (Friday and Saturday)

Komala Vilas

08 Komala Vilas

The oldest Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore, that is a family-run business, still kicking and bringing forth the legacy that lives for many decades, Komala Vilas is a widely attended vegetarian among Indians, Singaporean, and tourists across the globe. Currently, Komala Vilas is an impeccable space, serving aromatic South Indian dishes and coffee, made from the meticulously picked fresh ingredients, and through this delicate cuisine, did Komala Vilas became one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. 

Its menu is mostly composed of dosai, uthappam, and other fresh vegetarian dishes. Among these are the Dosai Meal, with sambar, chutney, and kulambu; the Rice Meal, served with an additional chappathi or poori; and the Rice Meal, with a myriad of vegetables including sambar, kulambu, rasam, thairu, raita, and payasam. The Onion Masala Dosai, Podi Dosai, and Butter Tomato Onion are worth a try.

Address: 76-78 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 217981

Phone: +65 6293 6980

Opening Hours: 7:00am–10:30pm (Daily)

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

Best Vegetarian Food in Singapore 09 Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

Proclaiming the best in terms of serving North, South, and Asian dishes in Singapore, Gokul Vegetarian absolutely nails many areas of vegetarian dining, which can only be experienced within the confines of this restaurant, earning its way into one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore and featured as “Best Vegetarian Restaurant” in Lonely Planet. Also, offering catering buffet spread fantastic for weddings, and other big occasional events, with their extensive variety of food, swift service, and superb set up. 

Some of their famed vegetarian dishes comes with the Kailan In Oyster Sauce, with Chinese mustard greens stir-fried in aromatic vegan oyster sauce; the authentic Punjabi Malai Kofta, with mashed potato and veggie dumpling balls in creamy, ; and the Chinese Mixed Vegetables, a healthy blend of stir-fried broccoli, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, snow peas, and tofu in a light broth.

Address: 19 Upper Dickson Rd, Singapore 207478

Phone: +65 6396 7769

Opening Hours: 10:30am–9:15pm

Kailash Parbat Restaurant

10 Kailash Parbat Restaurant

Though originally inspired by Indian delicacies, Kailash Parbat Restaurant is also irresistible when it comes to multi-cuisine delicacies, and piquantly spicy chaat delights, a signficant enumeration among Singapore’s best vegetarian food. Brought by over 50 years of culinary legacy, Kailash Parbat brings forth the Indian heritage, containing a lot of vegetarian goodness that is not limited to people of differing palate. 

Some of the signature dishes to be enjoyed in this marvellous restaurant includes the Pav Bhaji, a popular Indian fast food dish in Mumbai with mixed vegetable curry and special blend of spices; the famed Bhel Puri, chaat blended with chutney and masalas, along with papadis, puffed rice, sev, and onions; and the Dal Pakwan, made from the undeniable flavours of simple cumin, chilli, and coriander. The Chaat Platter, Bhatura Platter, and Veg Biriyani deserves to be tried as well.

Address: 3 Belilios Rd, #01-03 Hilton Garden Inn, Singapore 219924

Phone: +65 6836 5545

Opening Hours: 11:00am–10:30pm (Daily)

The preceding list of restaurants just proves how beneficial and desirable it is to be a vegan, by the way they present and prepare their signature vegetarian dishes, and not just by the taste of them, but the benefits they give, it is truly a type of cuisine that brings out the best among simple things. So, brace, pack and get up, for it is time for you to experience yourself the wonders of vegetarian cooking brought by these superb restaurants, and cleanse your body and soul by ingesting their health and mental goodness. Happy eating!